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Summary of Recent Events in Tibet

January 25, 2012

24 January: 
Serthar (Sichuan): At least two Tibetans have been shot dead and an undetermined number seriously injured as Chinese forces opened fire on protesting Tibetans. A crackdown in Serthar has been reported with approximately 40 Tibetans arrested and all public movement limited. Free Tibet report - TCHRD report - An eye witness stated that "a kind of martial law has been imposed". (Radio Free Asia reported that five Tibetans were shot dead.

23 January: 
Drango (Sichuan): Thousands of Tibetans gathered in Drango, following a buildup of tensions in the area. Police opened fired on protesting Tibetans killing at least three and injuring many more injured. ICT Report -

Serthar: Tibetans distributed leaflets stating that more Tibetans were ready to self-immolate.

Ngaba (Sichuan): Hundreds of Tibetans took part in day-long protests and candle light vigils demanding Freedom in Tibet and calling for the return of the Dalai Lama. Phayul

On 14 January in Ngaba, Chinese security forces severely injured two Tibetans through beatings, and shot at least two others after layman Lobsang Jamyang self-immolated. Tibetans became distressed and angry after witnessing Chinese police beating Lobsang Jamyang; they began to protest and attempted to reclaim the dying man, but police beat and opened fire on some in the crowd. There have been unconfirmed reports that a woman was killed and those injured are apparently not seeking medical help for fear of arrest.

On 8 January in Golog (Qinghai), respected monk Lama Sopa self-immolated and died. His death sparked a protest by local Tibetans who demanded the return of his body. ICT report

On 6 January in Ngaba, two Tibetans named Tennyi and Tsultrim, a monk and former monk both around the age of 20; self-immolated and died. See ICT report above.

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