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China buying MPs to form communist Gov't in Nepal?

September 7, 2010

Tibetan Review
September 5, 2010

China is said to be trying to buy Nepalese MPs in
order to ensure the formation of a communist
government indebted to it, according to a Zee
News online report Sep 3. It said an alleged
Chinese intelligence agent had been caught on
tape negotiating with an aide of the country’s
former Maoist Prime Minister Prachanda.

"How much money you want for your MPs?" the
Chinese ‘spy’ was reported to have been heard
asking the MP, to which the latter reportedly answers Rs 1 million for each MP.

"I will able to confirm you only after this
conversation reaches to our leader Prachanda,"
the MP-aide was quoted as heard saying.

Nepal's lawmakers have rejected Nepali Congress
vice-president Ramchandra Poudyal and his rival,
the Maoist chief Prachanda, in five rounds of
vote since Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal was
forced to quit on Jun 30 amid intense pressure from the former insurgents.

CPN-Maoist, which ended a decade-long civil war
in 2006, is the single largest party with 238
seats in the 601-member Constituent Assembly,
while Nepali Congress has 114 members. The
two-year term of the Constituent Assembly, which
is to draft a constitution for a republic of
Nepal, was extended by one year on May 28.
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