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Widespread flood damages in Lhokha Prefecture

September 14, 2010

Tibetan Review
September 12, 2010

Strong storms have caused widespread flood in
Lhokha Prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region
recently, although there have been no reports of
casualties so far, reported China’s online Tibet
news service Sep 10. The much
belated report said Nedong, Chongye and Gongkar
counties were hit particularly seriously.

It said that in Gongkar County, flood had poured
into 43 residential houses, destroying some 100
metres of the local dike, 1,930 metres of roads,
20 metres of channels, 7 bridges, and 47.75 mu of
cropland, resulting in economic losses up to
1.462 million yuan. It did not say when exactly it all happened.

The report said that continuous rainfall on Jun
20 triggered landslide and mudslide in Chongye
County, causing a dam burst, which in turn
damaged 16 mu of cropland and 70 mu of
grassland.  It added that secondary disasters
caused by the flood were threatening the safety
of lives and properties of about 260 people from
70 households and 900 mu of cropland in the County.

In Layu Village of the county alone, 338 mu of
cropland was reported damaged and 200 metres of
dike and 2 kilometres of the country road destroyed.

The report did not specify damages caused in Nedong County.
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