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Mushrooming success

September 24, 2010

Having experienced the benefits of cordyceps
herself, a former banker built a health food business based on the fungus
Jo-Ann Huang Limin
Today Online (Singapore)
September 22, 2010

SINGAPORE -- Health foods producer Lifestream
Group's chief executive and founder Rachel Ng is
a firm believer in the medicinal properties of
cordyceps, so much so that she left her
high-flying banking job in Hong Kong to pursue
her dream of spreading the benefits of its products.

Ms Ng had experienced the benefits first hand.

She had suffered from heart palpitations,
insomnia and hormonal imbalances since she was a
child. Her condition turned around in 2002, when
she started taking a heavy daily dose of
cordyceps to treat her deteriorating condition.

The following year, she decided to start
Lifestream Group, beginning with the cordyceps product range.

"I experienced a major difference to my health
and felt that it is much more meaningful to go
forward and bring people a better quality of life
and better health from my own experiences," said Ms Ng, 41.

Cordyceps is commonly used in Chinese medicine
and is known to boost one's immunity and
respiratory system, improve the quality of sleep,
enhance stamina and support major organ function.

It is a type of medicinal fungus native to China
and Tibet that has been used for their medicinal
qualities for thousands of years. In Tibet, it
grows on dead Tibetan caterpillars. In its
commercial form, it is cultivated in controlled
environments on plants and leaves.

Lifestream's cordyceps are grown in the United
States and brought to Singapore, where they are
turned into capsule and powder form.

The company's cordyceps products have won several
awards, including the NTUC Unity Popular Choice
award every year since 2006 for its Cordyceps Stroma Capsules

Lifestream has also developed other types of
health supplements. Concentrated medicinal
mushroom blends that combine active ingredients
from lingzhi, maitake, cordyceps and shiitake
mushrooms are also now available to those looking
to boost their post-illnesses recovery.

A strategic partnership with Japanese health
foods maker AFC in 2007 sees Lifestream
distributing AFC supplements for beauty, weight
loss, eye health, joint support and bone strength to pharmacies in Singapore.

Ms Ng intends to strengthen the business by
developing proprietary health products exclusive to the Lifestream brand.

High-quality, original products will be developed
using the SPRING grant under the Capability
Development Scheme, which the company obtained this year, Ms Ng said.

"We will not compromise on the quality because
that is of extreme importance to us," she added.

Ms Ng is also in talks to expand the business across South-east Asia.

"Most importantly, we have to be able to find the
right partner which shares the same passion and
the same values and integrity then we will be
able to take off well in other countries," she said.
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