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Tibetan Humanitarian Faces an End to His Motorcycle World Tour

September 26, 2010

J.C. Current
September 22, 2010

Free Tibet World Tour logo On March 10, 2010, at
the United Nations Office in New York City,
Lhakpa Tsering took off on his Free Tibet World
Tour riding his BMW R1200GS to call attention to
the plight of Tibetans living under the Chinese
occupation. That specific date was chosen as it
was the 51st Tibetan national uprising day -- and
the trip’s terminus was supposed to be Dharamsala
where the Tibetan government lives in exile. Even
on a trip of obvious significance and with such
honorable goals, Tsering has run into an issue
which has stopped him in his tracks -- Indian customs.

Anyone who has traveled internationally knows how
tough it can be to deal with immigration and
customs in any country, but India’s can be
especially frustrating. The problem Tsering is
facing has to do with his brand new BMW and the
papers he needs to get it into the nation.
Customs authorities in Chennai will not release
his motorcycle to him; they claim that his Free
Tibet World Tour Lhakpa Tsering paperwork is not
in order. However, before he arrived in India,
Tsering had already been through borders in
Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria,
Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, England,
Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Japan and
Australia…and many more. It makes one wonder what
other information India would need to allow him to ride on their roads.

Until Tsering is successful at liberating his
BMW, his tour will be on hold. His scheduled
arrival at Dharamsala will be delayed, but the
purpose of his ride is not forgotten. Throughout
the journey, he has met many wonderful people and
has even found that many Chinese people support
his position -- even if the Chinese authorities
do not (they have already censored his website

Go ahead, take the link and help Lhakpa Tsering finish his world tour.
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