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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."

His Holiness the Dalai Lama expresses his three life commitments in term of Solidarity

September 26, 2010

Jampa Gyaltsen
The Office of Tibet, London
September 22, 2010

Upon arrival in Poland on September 22nd His
Holiness was greeted by Mr. Rafal Dutkiewicz,
mayor of the city of Wroclaw of which His
Holiness is a honorary citizen for two years.

Later on, His Holiness visited the exhibition
commemorating 30th anniversary of Solidarity
movement which transformed first Poland, than
Central and Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union
and finally whole post cold war order. Among
people waiting for His Holiness was a former bus
driver ? one of the people who started historical
strike in Wroclaw iin the year 1980. “What did
you feel at that moment”, asked His Holiness.
“Desperate urge to do something to change things
for better”. “And anxiety?” “Yes, we all felt
fear, but it just had to be done”.

 From the exhibition, His Holiness went to the
Hall of People. All interested in His message
received the invitations free of charge. His
Holiness was introduced by Mr. Dutkiewicz as a
champion of freedom, love and compassion. He also
requested His Holiness to “feel the touch of warm
feelings and support of thousands of citizens of
Wroclaw. Touch of solidarity”. His Holiness
answered that this experience was always a part
of all of His visits in Poland.

His Holiness explained His three "life
commitments" in terms of solidarity: with all
human beings on this planet in (as a promotion of
basic human values); with the followers of other
religions (as a promotion of mutual understanding
and respect); as well as with the inhabitants of
Asia (as a mutually acceptable solution to the
issue of Tibet). His Holiness emphasized that it
is not only important for six million men and
women of Tibet, since protection of the fragile
environment of the Plateau with its glaciers and
rivers is vital for over one billion of human
beings in different countries; and promotion of
democratic values sadly lacking in a modern day
China focused almost solely on material profits
despite social ills like corruption, will help to
achieve real stability of this country, as well
as stability and peace in the region by easing
tensions between two most populous nations caused
by huge military presence in Tibet. 8000 people
in fully packed hall greeted His Holiness and
parted with Him with standing ovation.

After the lecture, His Holiness received members
of Polish Parliamentary Group for Tibet who
arrived from Warsaw to meet Him. His Holiness
asked them to engage their Chinese counterparts
not only with economic issues but also with basic
democratic values like rule of law, freedom of
speech and transparency, which would help PRC to
gain international respect and trust, enabling
it, as it rightly deserves,  to play important,
responsible role in this world.
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