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Book Review: Red Star Red Tara

September 30, 2010

Reviewed by Ven. Gyalten Wangmo
Mandala Magazine
Ovtober 2010 Issue

The book Red Star Red Tara is a delightful tale
of Tibet, particularly of Lhasa, Tibet’s capital
city. What is special about this book is that it
captures both old Tibet with its rich cultural
and religious heritage and the life of the
Tibetan boy living with the fear and change that
accompanies Chinese occupation. The child in this
book is attempting (with the help of an old yogi
master) to integrate both his inner world shown
as shown in his dreams with his waking life. He
and his friends must strive to make sense of
their situation and find happiness and acceptance within it.

The book illustrates the changes Trizong faces:
how all the famous buildings of Lhasa are being
changed by the influx of the Han people. But in
his dreams, he envisions the beauty of his city
before the invasion, making use of the stories of
his Grandpapa. He sees his Tibet transformed by
the goddess Red Tara. When he awakens, he arises
with a new sense of hope and increased
compassion, wishing that he could one day be
friends with the Han girl who lives across the alley.

The book has wonderful illustrations by the
author which capture the images of Lhasa as seen
through a boy’s eyes. The images bring the
content to life through drawings, photos, and
color, capturing not only what the boy is saying,
but also his feelings of sadness, confusion, wonder and happiness.

"Red Star Red Tara"
By Zedar Thomey
Published by Strategic Publishing Group
Paperback US$20.00
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