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Protesters urge Canadian mining company to leave Tibet

September 30, 2010

Tibetan Review
September 28, 2010

Dozens of people staged a protest in front of the
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, in downtown
Toronto, Canada, to demand that China Gold
International Resources Corp. Ltd, a
Vancouver-based mining company, end its "looting
of Tibet's resources". The company recently
acquired Skyland Mining Limited for $742.3
million, giving it control over the Jiama copper mine in Chinese ruled Tibet.

The Jiama mine in Gyama town of Maldrogungkar
County of Lhasa City has been a scene of repeated
protests by local Tibetans due to the mine’s
diversion of the local’s drinking water river,
discharge of toxic wastes, and overpopulation
cause by large number of Chinese mine workers.
These were reported to have led to violet crackdowns and arrests.

The report said shouts of "Whose land? Our land!"
and "Stop the mining -- In Tibet!" could be heard
by the thousands of people who were attending
both the 2010 Toronto Resource Investment
Conference & Expo and the Ontario Universities
Fair 2010. Many of the protestors were also
reported to hold signs saying: “Tibet’s resources
belongs 2 Tibetans,” “Stop deporting Tibetans
from Nepal,” “Stop looting Tibet’s natural
resources” and “Don’t undermine human rights in Tibet!”

"We’re calling on China Gold (as well as other
companies) to withdraw from operations in Tibet
until Tibetans are in the position to freely
decide the use of their own land’s resources,"
National Director of Students for a Free Tibet
Canada, Tenzin Lobsang Wangkhang, was quoted as
saying. “Until then, they shouldn’t be in Tibet.”

"The acquisition of Skyland represents the first
significant step in China National Gold's goal of
establishing China Gold International Resources
Corp. Ltd. as its international flagship
company," Sep 26 quoted Zhaoxue Sun,
China Gold’s Chairman, as saying.

The report cited Bloomberg News as reporting a
special shareholders meeting will be held in
October to approve the transaction, with the
closing deal expected to happen in November.
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