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Imprisoned Chinese Activist Honored for Rights Work

November 3, 2010

Human Rights Watch
November 1, 2010

***Media Advisory***

Imprisoned Chinese Activist Honored for Rights Work
Release Liu and Other Unjustly Jailed Critics

(New York, November 1, 2010) -- Liu Xiaobo,
former university professor currently in prison
for working toward human rights, free expression,
and the rule of law in China, will receive the
Alison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary
Activism from Human Rights Watch later this
month. Liu was recently named the 2010 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

"Although China has advanced economically, that
progress has not been matched with political or
human rights advancement," said Sophie
Richardson, acting Asia director at Human Rights
Watch.  “By honoring Liu Xiaobo, we also honor
countless human rights defenders who have been
unjustly imprisoned for their own courageous and
dogged efforts to reform China from within. They,
and Liu, should be released immediately."

Liu has long been an outspoken and articulate
critic of the Chinese government. Liu spent five
years in prison for his support of the peaceful
1989 Tiananmen Square protests and other reform
efforts. Last year, Liu was sentenced to a
further 11 years for his involvement with the
Charter 08 manifesto, a landmark call for greater
respect for human rights in China. Charter 08,
modeled on the famous Charter 77 that challenged
the Soviet Union’s repressive rule in
Czechoslovakia, has spread virally across China
via the internet. More than 10,000 people inside
China have signed the censored manifesto online.

The Alison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary
Activism celebrates the valor of individuals who
put their lives at risk to protect human dignity
and create a world where people live free of
violence, discrimination, and oppression. Human
Rights Watch honors Liu for his fearless
commitment to freedom of expression, human
rights, and the rule of law in China.

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