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Tibetan writer worried about her safety after anonymous phone call

November 3, 2010

November 2, 2010

Dharamsala, Nov. 2 -- A Beijing based Tibetan
writer and blogger has said she got a threatening
phone call from someone claiming to be from the
Lhasa City Public Security Bureau. Woser, who is
in the Tibetan capital, left a message on her
blog on Sunday informing her readers about the call.

The caller said she was wanted by the Lhasa City
Public Security Bureau, according to her blog
post. When she asked why was she wanted, she was
told she should know what she has done. She
replied she has done nothing illegal and that if
they wanted to come to see her they must follow
the correct procedures. The anonymous caller
replied that he would come for her soon. She said no one came for her though.

It is not known if the caller was actually from
the Lhasa Public Security Bureau.

She also added that she could not access her
twitter account after the call. She has requested
readers to post her message on twitter.

Woeser has through her blog and books expressed
support to the middle way approach proposed by
His Holiness the Dalai Lama and adopted as a
policy by the Tibetan government through
democratic processes. With several contacts
inside Tibet, she also gives updates of protests
and arrests of Tibetans in Tibet through her blog.

She and her husband were put under house arrest.
She was recently honored with a courage in
journalism award by the International Women's Media Foundation.
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