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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Japan Visit -- Day Three

November 9, 2010

Tibet House Japan
November 8, 2010

Nara -- This morning His Holiness the Dalai Lama
gave audience to some 300 Korean monks, nuns and
general public who had come all the way from
Korea to attend his teachings at Nara city. His
Holiness greeted the gathering and expressed his
happiness over meeting fellow Korean brothers and
sisters. His Holiness said that we are all
disciples of a same teacher, the Lord Buddha. As
requested by the delegation, His Holiness gave a
brief teaching on Law of causality and importance
of mind training, and emphasized on proper
learning rather than observing faith and Buddhist ceremonies.

Later, led by the Chief abbot and the monks of
the Todaiji Temple, His Holiness the Dalai Lama
visited the main Temple and offered prayers along
with the monks before the great Daibutsu, 8th
century bronze statue of Buddha. People lined up
in a long line in great length throughout the
passage to the main Temple to welcome His
Holiness with greetings, scarves, flowers and hand-waving.

After the prayer at the main Temple, His Holiness
gave a talk to a gathering of 350 Japanese monks,
nuns and Buddhist scholar and Shinto priests on
the topic of "What and how should practitioners
be!". His Holiness first spoke on the practice
that His Holiness has been observing in his daily life.

His Holiness said that the Buddhist teaching is
based on the proper understanding of the Four
Nobel Truth and the realization of conventional
and ultimate truth. "All the action should be
based on good motivation, as far as the practice
and observing the Buddhist vows is concerned, it
has different level. If you have taken monk's
vow, than you must observe the vows and practice
accordingly. There is no compulsion in Buddhist
religion to become a monk, even a lay person can
practice sincerely. But disregarding the monk's
vows and practice under the excuse that "time has
changed etc." is not going to help oneself nor
the Buddhist religion." Said His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

In the afternoon, His Holiness gave talk to the
gathering of monks, nuns, general public and
students at Todaiji Temple's lawn. More than 2000
people gathered to listen to His Holiness speak
on "How we can contribute for peace and
environment". His Holiness thanked the Temple
authorities and the organizers for making this
gathering possible at one of the most venerated
and historical Temples in Japan.

His Holiness said, "we all desire happiness and
shun sufferings, in this we are all same. But
human being is a social animal, we are all
dependent on each other including the
environment. Therefore, it is of utmost
importance that we respect other's existence and
well-being. Using force and violence born our of
mental afflictions to resolve difference has
become the thing of past, true practitioners
should put the teaching in use to promote a
culture of dialogue and understanding.

"Concept of "we and they" should be done away
with. We all, especially the young people should
work on a ways to include all the 7 billion world
population into "we" definition. In religion
also, we need many religion to satisfy the
understanding of different and variety of people.
Most of the world religion talks about peace,
love and compassion, so there is no vast
difference. At societal level, we need several
religion with several truth, but at individual
level, we can have one religion based on one
truth. So there is basis of misunderstanding and
conflict among the religions." His Holiness said.

Advising the young students, His Holiness advised
them to be studious in their study and told them
to practice "Thoe, Sam, Gom Sum" [hearing,
thinking and meditation] concept of Buddhist
learning. His Holiness also engaged in questions
and answers time with the audience and the young students.

Abbot of Todaiji Temple in his thanks speech said
that he was very happy to see so many people in
the vicinity of the Temple, and he was impressed
to see His Holiness being greeted by and shaking
hands with Korean, Japanese, Chinese and
Westerners. "This must have been the dream of
Emperor Shommu [Japanese Emperor who built the
great statue of the Buddha at Todaiji Temple] who
had preached equality and oneness of all people and faith."

One of the Abbots of Japanese monasteries
expressed his gratitude and thanked His Holiness
for the frank and invaluable teaching given and
said that many of the monks were greatly inspired
to walk in the proper direction as provided originally by the Lord Buddha.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama will leave for
Niihama city of Shikoku island tomorrow where he
will have a public discussion with one of
Japanese brain scientists, Mogi Kenichiro. His
Holiness will give teaching on Heart Sutra and Emptiness in the region.
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