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European Parliament resolution on Tibet

November 30, 2010

Human rights: Burma, Iraq, Tibet
Plenary sessions

In three resolutions adopted in Strasbourg on Thursday, the European Parliament welcomes the recent release of Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, strongly condemns the recent attacks on Christian communities in Iraq and urges the Chinese authorities to support a genuine bilingual language policy in Tibet.


In a resolution on Tibet, MEPs urge the Chinese authorities to support a genuine bilingual language policy, in which all subjects can be taught in the Tibetan language. They condemn the "increased crackdown on the exercise of cultural, linguistic, religious and other fundamental freedoms" of the six million Tibetan people as well as the Chinese authorities' plan to make Chinese the main language of instruction in Tibet.  Parliament deplores the often discriminatory treatment of ethnic and religious minorities in China and asks the European Commission to report on the use made by China of the €1 million fund requested in 2009 to support Tibetan civil society.
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