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Tibetan women's associations says Karmapa allegations wrong

February 2, 2011

TNN, Feb 1, 2011, 11.14pm IST

MYSORE: It all depends on how India will perceive the case. That's how a
Tibetan woman responded to the developments at Dharmasala.

Members of Tibetan NGOs and educated class have expressed their strong
faith in 17th Karmapa, Ugyen Trinley Dorje and claimed the leader is
innocent and it is hard to buy the reports. Their devotion to one of the
top Tibetan leaders will not recede. Its only a speculation and everyone
will come to know the truth soon, they assert adding that they want to
know how India sees this incident.

About Tibtan Spiritual leader Dalai Lamas reaction seeking inquiry into
cash flow, they all endorsed his view.

Tibetan women association former president Dolma Yang Chen reacting to
reports on links between and China and the religious leader, claimed
that it is wrong. We can guarantee that he has no links with China. If
it was so then why would he have escaped to India from China? she
questioned and said it depends on how India will take it.

I have learnt through an organization in Himchal Pradesh that the leader
was closely monitored by Indian government and the trust owned by him
was not allowed to invest money in any banks there. Hence, the leader
was left with no other option rather keeping money in the monastery. But
his involvement in financial matters is mistaken, claims Ngawang
Thapkhe, a teacher.

We don't believe what people say about him and all allegations on the
leader will either dent religious reputation or spoil relationship
between India and Tibet, he states. On Chinese currency found in the
monastery, the teacher avers the Karmapa has followers in China and that
he has received through donations and nothing else. Thapkhe said
investigation only will reveal the truth.

Tsomo, another teacher, says we still trust the leader as he has not
done anything wrong. The money recovered from the monastery was received
from donations. I find that hard to believe that the leader has done
something amiss, she expressed confidence.
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