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China needs political liberalisation: Dalai Lama

February 11, 2011

Ajay Parmar, TNN, Feb 10, 2011, 03.05am IST

JODHPUR : Terming China as a communist nation without communist
ideology, Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama said that China
urgently needs political liberalisation.

Reiterating his demand for autonomy for Tibet, he, however, expressed
concern that the Tibetan culture, values, lifestyle, language,
traditions and customs are fast being suppressed by China, which is
imposing its own culture in the region.

The Dalai Lama was speaking at a lecture on Nalanda Thought: India's
Ancient Treasure' hosted by Aravali Institute of Management here on
Wednesday. He also replied to questions of the students ranging from
education to politics.

"Today, Tibet needs economic development and for which we cannot afford
to be an independent land. But Chinese policies are against us which is
not acceptable to us," he said

He signalled about his retirement soon, saying, "I am at the fag end of
my mission." Replying to a question, he also advocated permanent seat
for India in the UN Security Council and that too with veto power,
saying India is the most deserving nation for the status.

Addressing the students, he described them as the agents of change of
the 21 century, who have the responsibility to ensure global peace
through action (Karma) and called upon them to work with a vision along
the principals of ahimsa to make this century a century of peace.

He also advocated dialogue as the best tool to resolve national and
international problems. He also urged students to be concerned about and
active in protecting earth from environmental degradation.

He advised them to have a realistic vision governed by knowledge and
have unbiased compassion, which he said, are lacking miserably in
pursuit of materialistic pleasures. He also emphasized values like
cooperation, trust, harmony, tolerance, friendship, moral ethics and on
top of all human values, warmheartedness.

Talking about the Nalanda university's education system, he stressed
that the country needs to revive that system in the benefit of the
humanity. He described the Tibetans as the disciples of India and termed
Tibetan tradition a true lineage of Nalanda education system. "We are
proud to have that system intact. But, unfortunately, India, our guru,
could not preserve the Nalanda tradition, a truly pluralistic system
based on experiments, logic and investigation and not on mere
quotations," he said.

Referring to the present education system, he said it is devoid of moral
ethics. "But now there is a growing concern in many countries about
making education as an inculcator of moral ethics based on secular
harmony," he said.

Later, he also addressed the students of Rajmata Krishan Kumari Girls
School and emphasized on women's education terming it as important.
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