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India has more claim over Tibet than China

February 18, 2011

TNN, Feb 11, 2011, 03.59am IST

JODHPUR: Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama said on Thursday that
India has a reason to have a claim on Tibet more than China. He said
this in reference to the closeness of the Tibetans with India as he said
that the Buddhist religion has its roots in India and it is still
practiced abundantly along the border right from Ladakh to Arunachal
Pradesh. He was addressing a gathering of Tibetan community during his
third day of Jodhpur visit on Thursday. He sought the continuous support
of India in the struggle of Tibetans terming this to be an issue of
India as well.

He said the Tibetans owe India a lot as this nation has never
disappointed them in standing by them. Striking a comparison between
India and China, he said that though China is a fast-developing country
marked by rapid pace of economic growth, it is devoid of any sort of
freedom and morality, which has miserably failed to maintain the
communism. On the contrary, India takes a lead from China here in terms
of protection of civil rights and freedom and is the most successful and
stable democracy in the world. Giving the examples of Pakistan,
Afghanistan, Sri Lanka,Burma and Bangladesh, the spiritual leader said
that despite having surrounded by such unstable countries, India has
succeeded in maintaining the democratic and human values.

Addressing the gathering in his mother tongue, Dalai Lama called upon
them for sticking to their roots and remain determined for keeping their
culture, traditions and values alive. "Though it is a huge challenge
with a long struggle ahead, we are finding support with the many
countries including China, where the intellectuals have started
understanding us and have started lending years to our voice," he said.
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