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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

I describe Indians as guru, we chelas learn from you: Dalai Lama

February 22, 2011

Hemali Chhapia, TNN, Feb 19, 2011, 04.45am IST

MUMBAI: For a snow-shrouded Tibet, here's something that will thaw its

"Yes, I will see a free Tibet in my lifetime. I am confident about that.
More and more Chinese are supporting the Tibetan cause than ever
before," the 14th Dalai Lama, who was in the city on Friday, told TOI.

The Nobel laureate spoke at the Gothic Cowasjee Jehangir Convocation
Hall of the University of Mumbai as sun rays streamed in through the
stained glass panel above. Before he started his talks, the university
vice-chancellor, Rajan Welukar, honoured him with a garland that came
all the way from Gujarat. More importantly, the environmentally friendly
garland of cotton fibre was used by Mahatma Gandhi.

The University wanted to have the Dalai Lama here on October 2 to
inaugurate a student-driven initiative to work for social causes.

After a lecture on "Ancient Wisdom and Modern Thoughts" and a discourse
with students, the Dalai Lama had a conversation with TOI about the land
that is long awaiting freedom. With more and more Chinese championing
the cause of Tibetans, the movement will usher in the final chapter of
the land's long struggle that will end soon, he said. "And so, it is my
belief that it will not be a loss for one and triumph for another. It
will be a victory for all." He also had a joke about a changed China: "I
told the Chinese authorities that I want to join Chinese Communist Party."

"Now in China, genuine socialism is no longer there; a communist party
without communist ideology. Capitalist communism: this is new. I heard
that the life of some Indian communists and a few leaders of the Indian
communist party is more bourgeois than socialist."

Praising India, he said it didn't need to look out for answers. "Indian
civilization, when compared to the western and Chinese civilizations, is
much more sophisticated. It is the world's treasure." He repeatedly
described himself as a chela of Indian tradition. "I describe Indians as
the guru, we (Tibetans) are chelas of Indian guru," he said.
"Essentially we learn from you."

But as an honest friend, he said it was essential to rid all the systems
of some evils: "Caste, dowry, discrimination, these may be a part of
your tradition but they are outdated, and must change. The youth must
change some of these�. From your chela, this is constructive
criticism. Sometimes, you are a little bit lazy. You must be more
hard-working; work with full self-confidence."


Modern education system does not pay attention to wholeheartedness.
Teaching ethics without touching the religious space is important

Life based on material wealth with no roots in affection is a delusion

Secularism does not mean disrespect of religion, but equal respect for
all religions

Business people also come from society, we need a change at the
fundamental level, and now in the west, some educationists are really
questioning the educational system

Technology provides physical comfort and spiritual development mental

The real change in India needs to happen in its rural areas, in its old

The desire for peace is very strong. People proudly joined when the
World Wars broke out. That situation has changed. Before the Iraq
crisis, think of how many people came out against using force. It's a
sign of change: non-violence.
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