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Retirement of Dalai Lama: Meet in May

April 14, 2011

Naresh Kumar Sharma, TNN | Apr 1, 2011,
Times of India

DHARAMSHALA: The second Tibetan national general meeting would be held at Dharamshala from May 21 to 23 to deliberate on Dalai Lama's formal proposal to retire from political duties.

The Tibetan parliamentary secretariat said the proceedings of the general meeting were finalized on Wednesday at a meeting of the members of the exiled Tibetan government's cabinet (kashag) and the parliament's standing committee, presided over by the speaker.

The general meeting will be held in accordance with the final resolution passed during the 11th session of the parliament to follow up the Dalai Lama's proposal to devolve political authority to a democratically elected Tibetan leadership.

Regarding the composition of the participants, it said the de facto prime minister of Tibet, members of the Kashag, former ministers (kalons), elected prime minister of the 14th kashag, members of parliament, former members of parliament, elected members of the 15th Tibetan parliament, Dharamshala-based officials above joint secretary level, one representative each from the local assemblies and one each from Tibetan settlements which do not have any local assemblies, one member each from Bod Rawang Denpai Legul Tsogchung, six representatives each from the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism and Bon religion, one member each from the overseas Tibetan Associations, two members each from the Tibetan non-governmental organizations and one representative each from autonomous institutions, 50 voluntary participants comprising scholars, experts and social activists, 30 from India, Nepal and Bhutan and 20 from other countries can attend the general meeting.

The Tibetan parliament will apprise the Dalai Lama about the final recommendations of the general meeting on May 24, 2011.

Accordingly, recommendations concerning the amendment of the charter will be tabled in an additional session of the 14th Tibetan parliament for final approval, it added.
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