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China publishes white paper to mark 60th anniversary of Tibet's peaceful liberation

July 12, 2011

Full text in English:
Full text in Chinese:

BEIJING, July 11 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese government Monday published a white paper on the development of Tibet since 1951 to mark the 60th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of the region.
The document, released by the State Council's Information Office, reviewed the history of Tibet, particularly the liberation in 1951, as well as profound political, social and economic changes that have taken place in Tibet over the past 60 years.
"Within six decades Tibet has achieved development that would normally call for a millennium. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government, the people of Tibet have created a miracle," it reads.
"Only by adhering to the leadership of the CPC, the path of socialism, the system of regional ethnic autonomy, and the development mode with Chinese characteristics and Tibet's regional features, can Tibet enjoy lasting prosperity and a bright future," it adds.
While stressing Tibet has been an inseparable part of China since ancient times, the white paper says the so-called "Tibetan independence" is in fact "cooked up by old and new imperialists," and "was part of Western aggressors' scheme to carve up the territory of China."
In the 60 years since its peaceful liberation in 1951, Tibet has fulfilled two historic leaps "from a society of feudal serfdom to one of socialism, and from a state of isolation, poverty and backwardness to one of opening, prosperity and civilization," it says.


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