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China Critic Wins Zambian Election

October 1, 2011

Africa’s largest copper producer has elected and sworn in a new president, “anti-China” candidate Michael Sata. During his campaign, Sata accused Chinese mining companies of exploitation, while decrying the corruption and inequality that mining-led development has fostered. From The Wall Street Journal:
The victory of Mr. Sata, who ran unsuccessfully for president in three previous elections, comes after his campaign seized on Zambians’ frustration with Chinese investment in their country.
Mr. Banda, the 74-year-old incumbent, has welcomed capital from China and other countries as a way to create jobs and bolster the country’s currency. Chinese companies have invested heavily in mining and have set up two special investment zones in Zambia.
But Mr. Sata railed at what he said were abusive Chinese labor practices in the mining sector. There have been at least two incidents of managers at Chinese mines shooting protesting Zambian workers.
Mr. Sata’s party also argued that the country’s economic growth has passed over most Zambians, and that the majority lack the income to buy a balanced diet for their family. He has said he wants to review ways to raise tax revenue from Zambia’s mines and reduce government reliance on foreign aid.
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