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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."


October 13, 2011


Kirti Dolkar Lhamo: 9882291202
Dorjee Tseten: 9805941166
8th October, 2011

Dharamsala, H.P India: In light of the recent acts of self-immolation in Tibet, Tibetans in Dharamsala gathered at the TCV Day School in Mcleod Ganj, to remember and pray for the self-immolated martyrs.
Yesterday, on October 7th two young men Choephel 19, Kayang 18, self-immolated in Ngaba Kriti region of Eastern Tibet protesting the brutal Chinese occupation. Five days back, on October 3rd , Kelsang Wangchuk, 17, a monk in Kirti monastery, set himself on fire carrying a photograph of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and calling for freedom in Tibet. With Lobsang Kelsang and Lobsang Kunchok's self-immolation on September 26, Tsewang Norbu's on 15th August, and Lobsang Phuntsok's on 16th March, Tibet saw this year alone seven cases of self-immolation.
"These acts of self-immolation are direct results of repressive Chinese police control in Tibet leading to suffocation, distrust and anger among Tibetans” said Dorjee Tseten, National Director of Students for a Free Tibet-India, “After 60 years of Chinese rule in Tibet, the Chinese Government has failed to understand the true aspirations of the Tibetan people and win their hearts. The Chinese government must own the responsibility on the loss of all Tibetan lives who died in these acts of protest against China's suffocating military control in Tibet.”
With the growing Chinese repressive military cordon around the Kriti Monastery in Amdo Ngaba region of Eastern Tibet - harassing the monks, intimidating visitors and controlling all activities of the monastery for the past five months, more and more young Tibetans in Tibet are setting themselves on fire.
“We, the organizers of this protest act here today in Dharamsala, representing Tibetan people in exile demand that the Chinese Government immediately withdraw their troops from Kirti Monastery and help diffuse the tension” said Kirti Dolkar Lhamo, President of Tibetan Women's Association who is also a MP in the Tibetan parliament in exile, “We will organize internationally coordinated campaigns to galvanize global pressure on the Chinese Government to end this military siege in Ngaba.”
Tibetan Women's Association
Students For a Free Tibet, India
Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Dharamsala

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