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A Former Monk Self Immolates in Chamdo

December 4, 2011

2 December 2011, Dharamsala
Contact: Ms. Dukthen Kyi (English) / Mr. Jampel Monlam (Tibetan, Chinese)
Tel: +91 1892 223363, 229225, 225874
Sources report of another sad self immolation of a Tibetan on Thursday (1 December, 2011) in Chamdo Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). Tenzin Phuntsok, in his forties, shouted slogans and distributed leaflets before setting himself afire. He was reportedly taken to hospital and is believed to have survived.

Phuntsok was a former monk of Karma monastery, Chamdo (Chinese: Changdu), TAR. He was born in Jingdhung village, Chamdo County, TAR.

This marks the 12th case of self immolation this year and the first in the Tibet Autonomous Region. All the other 11 incidents took place in Sichuan Province.

There is very little information of the details at the moment as the region now remains under severe security restrictions.

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