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China arrests suspect in murder that inspired film

January 4, 2012

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese police have arrested a suspect in the murder of an official 17 years ago that became the basis of a popular film about Tibetan antelope poaching

Ranger and government official Sonam Dargye was killed during a gunfight with poachers as he tried to protect endangered antelopes in western China in 1994.

Dargye's murder on the sparsely populated Qinghai-Tibet plateau inspired the 2004 film "Mountain Patrol" by Chinese director Lu Chuan. It also drew attention to the Tibetan antelope, which became endangered after being hunted for its wool that is used to make luxury shahtoosh shawls.

The official Xinhua News Agency said Tuesday that a suspect in the group that allegedly shot Dargye was arrested in Qinghai province Sunday after six others surrendered.

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