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Inspiring new book, “Small Acts of Resistance; How Courage, Tenacity and Ingenuity
 can Change the World” now published in Tibetan

January 11, 2012

Immediate Press Release
Contact: Tsering Choedup,             (+91) 0 988 277 3483       / 0 941 822 1605 (English, Tibetan)

09 January 2012 (BodhGaya): The International Tibet Network has released a Tibetan version of the acclaimed book “Small Acts of Resistance; How Courage, Tenacity and Ingenuity can Change the World”. This collection of powerful stories, of resistance by ordinary people against tyranny, is written by rights campaigners Steve Crawshaw and John Jackson and has been translated into Tibetan by Pema Tsewang Shastri.
Big political changes have often been precipitated with acts that looked pointless at the time: small acts of resistance, bold acts of defiance, subtle acts of subversion, even witty acts of disobedience. Small Acts of Resistance celebrates the ingenuity and courage of the human spirit, and pays tribute to those who have been standing up to say “no”. Describing over eighty acts of resistance, spanning the world and the 20th and 21st centuries, the book pays homage to the groups and individuals that treat the impossible as the possible that just hasn’t happened yet. 
As Tibetans in Tibet take ever more desperate steps in their efforts to ensure their resistance is noticed by the outside world, we felt it was important to share the experiences and actions of others who have successfully stood up to tyranny," said Tsering Choedup, the International Tibet Network’s Asia Coordinator. “By translating and publishing a Tibetan version of “Small Acts of Resistance”, we hope both to inspire and strengthen the belief of all Tibetans in the power of creative non-violent resistance, and show them that – ultimately - China cannot win.”
Steve Crawshaw and John Jackson, the authors of “Small Acts of Resistance” said, "We are happy that the Tibetan edition of Small Acts means that the book can find readers in a part of the world where hope for real change is so badly needed. If the stories in the book are a light shining in the darkness even in the smallest way, that will be a privilege."
Tibetans in Tibet are already demonstrating their capacity for creative resistance. Amidst the tragedy of sixteen self-immolations by Tibetans in eastern Tibet, occasionally even humorous actions, including distributing leaflets around the necks of goats, self-imposed fines for the use of Chinese words instead of Tibetan, and a highly effective boycott of over-priced vegetables! The Tibetan version of “Small Acts of Resistance contains two of these stories.
For more information about the book in English see the official website The book will be freely distributed in hardcopy and electronically to Tibetan activists across the world.
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