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In surprise move, Nepal to allow Dalai Lama's birthday celebrations

July 6, 2015

Phayul, July 3, 2015 - The Chief District Officer of Kathmandu has granted permission to the Tibetan representative's office to organize the birthday celebrations of the Tibetan leader whose turning 80 is being celebrated worldwide later next week.

The decision to allow the celebrations comes as a big surprise for the Tibetans in Nepal who are used to frequent crackdown on public gatherings. Tibetans in Nepal were not allowed by the authorities to hold public events, including the birthday of Dalai Lama was banned last year.

A gathering of Tibetans, Buddhists from Nepalese community including Sherpas, Tamang, Walung, Dholpo and Mustang will be held on 6 July at the Namgyal High School football field.

An announcement from the office of the Tibetan representative informs the Tibetan public about the positive development in the Nepalese government's treatment of the Tibetans. Nepal, home to some 20000 Tibetans, have often been criticized for its dealings with Tibetans and their freedom of movement and speech.

Representative Tamdin Dorjee, in the announcement, said that the procession of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's portrait to the throne will be followed by prayer offerings for the long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Tibetans in Kathmandu will come together in an unusually large number in the Nepali capital to honor the octogenarian leader's birthday on July 6 while the Tibetan leader will join his birthday celebration event in Los Angeles.

The Tibetan leader, while expressing appreciation and gratitude to wellwishers here last month, said that the best gift for him on his birthday will be the commitment from everyone to become a better human being.

The Tibetans and Buddhists in Nepal will organize a series of events dedicated to the Tibetan leader.

China is slowly increasing its influence in the impoverished nation struck by a few massive earthquakes earlier this year, leading to the death of thousands and several thousand rendered homeless. China pushes millions of dollars in aid to Nepal, surpassing India's presence in the tumultuous nation locked between India and Tibet. However, when Indian PM Narendra Modi visited Nepal there was some sense of expectation from the new Indian PM who promised bright future for Nepal through economic cooperation with India.

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