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"I believe that to meet the challenges of our times, human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility. It is the foundation for world peace."

Dalai Lama congratulates Nobel Peace Prize winner, renews commitment to non-violence

October 12, 2015

Office of the Dalai Lama, October 10, 2015 – His Holiness the Dalai Lama congratulated this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winners, Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet.

In his letter to them, he wrote, “The Quartet’s persistent efforts to bring divergent parties back to the process of dialogue and reconciliation in the face of enormous challenges has been exemplary. What they have achieved is an inspiration to all of us who seek to promote freedom and democracy through peaceful dialogue and non-violence.”

“Despite the many ongoing conflicts and violent challenges we confront today, I remain convinced that if we recall that we are all brothers and sisters, that we all belong to one human family, we will be able to bring about a more peaceful world. This year’s Nobel Peace Prize will serve to encourage many other individuals and organizations committed to resolving conflict through dialogue and peaceful means, rather than resort to force.

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