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Shine a light on Tibet: UK officials support Tibetan prisoners

March 21, 2016

By Caroline Scattergood

Northampton Friends of Tibet,UK, March 2016 - A compassionate group of more than a hundred people including ex-Mayors and Councillors gathered together in Northampton’s Guildhall on 1st March 2016 to “Shine a Light” on the suffering in Tibet.

The Guest of Honour, His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Representative, Mr Chonpel Tsering was greeted by Northampton Mayor, Cllr Penny Flavell, the Chairman of the County Council, Cllr Phil Larratt and Leader of the Council, Cllr Mary Markham.

The event began with a short meditation on Compassion and Loving Kindness for Tibet.

The musical feature was “No Matter What” with one lyric being No matter what they call us, however they attack, no matter where they take us, we’ll find our own way back.  The music was accompanied by extremely moving pictures and it was dedicated to the memory of 17 year old Kelsang Kamtso, a Tibetan Nun shot dead on the Nangpa Pass by the Chinese border guards in 2006.  Kamtso’s brutal murder was captured on film and shown to the world; but memories are short and the audience were asked to remember her name as well as her mother and father.

There were also messages of support from Michael Ellis MP, David Mackintosh MP and actor Dominic West wrote God Bless Tibet!

Everyone was given a gift of a photo of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and told how important it was to cherish it, as in Tibet you would be arrested for having such a treasure. For example 47 year old Monk Gomar Choepal has been jailed for 2 years because he was found with photos of His Holiness on his phone.  Choepal’s family do not know where he is!

The event was closed with inspiring words from Representative Chonpel Tsering and then the  Tibetan flag was raised to cheers of support. “No light that was born in love can ever be extinguished.” Tibet and its people are love!


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