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Wen: Channels for dialogue with Daila Lama always open

April 1, 2008

Special report: Dalai clique's separatist activities condemned 2008-03-31

VIENTIANE, March 30 (Xinhua) -- The channels for dialogue between the
Chinese government and Dalai Lama is always open, said Chinese Premier
Wen Jiabao here on Sunday.

As long as Dalai Lama abandons the claim for "Tibet independence,"
especially uses his influence to stop the violence in Tibet, and
recognize both Tibet and Taiwan as inseparable parts of China, the
Chinese government is to continue resuming dialogues with him, the
Chinese premier said.

The premier arrived here Saturday for a working visit to Laos and to
attend the Third Greater Mekong Subregion Summit scheduled for Monday.

Wen said what happened in Tibet is against the Chinese laws. The
looting, attacks and arsons are violent crimes that have jeopardized the
fundamental interests of the Chinese people of all ethnic groups
including the Tibetan compatriots.

The premier urged foreign governments and media to view this incident in
an objective and impartial manner.

He also said that social order had been restored in Tibet, reaffirming
that "the Chinese government is capable of resolving its own problems."

It is known to all that significant economic and social progress has
been made over the past years in Tibet, Wen said.

He pledged government's continued adherence to the system of regional
autonomy for ethnic minorities, and its support for the development of
Tibet's economy and its social welfare. The Chinese government will
continue to protect, within the framework of the constitution and laws,
people's religious beliefs and protect the cultural and ecological
environment of Tibet, Wen added.

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