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Beijing Olympics boycott

April 11, 2008
Thursday, 10 Apr 2008 09:36

Gordon Brown has announced he will not attend the controversial opening
ceremony of the Olympics.

Downing Street confirmed the decision last night after weeks of apparent
indecision from the prime minister.

But Downing Street played down claims Mr Brown's non-appearance amounts
to a "boycott" and said Mr Brown had never planned to attend the

opening ceremony.

Opposition politicians have welcomed the prime minister's
non-participation but criticised the manner of the announcement.

Critics of the prime minister have said it compounds his reputation as a
ditherer, even though it appears a decision was taken some weeks ago but

not effectively communicated.

Britain will still be represented at the opening ceremony in Beijing, by
Olympics minister Tessa Jowell.

Mr Brown will attend the closing ceremony, when the Olympic Games passes
over to Britain for London 2012.
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