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TYC, a terrorist organization much catastrophic than bin Laden's, say netizens

April 12, 2008

People's Daily Online (PRC)
April 10, 2008

Al Qaeda has been infamy in recent years with a series of terrorist
activities it has plotted, such as bombings and hijacking of airplanes.
But few people knew anything about the inside story of the Tibet Youth
Congress or TYC. It has begun surfacing and arresting the attention of
common people since such riots as beating, smashing, looting and arson
erupted in Lhasa, capital city of the Tibetan autonomous region on March 14.

Founded in 1970, the Tibet Youth Congress, or TYC, is an exile group
comprising chiefly descendents of those Tibetan aristocrats, who came in
exile with the Dalai Lama about half a century ago. With a current
membership of 30,000, it now has close to 70 branches around the world,
including the United States. Since its inception, it had advocated for
the "total independence of Tibet".

Afterwards, it all joined the "Tibetan government in exile" and became
the core of power of the Dalai clique. For a long period of time, TYC
has engaged in activities to secede China and made an "indelible
service" in the recent violence involving murder, arson and other acts
of vandalism against innocent civilians in Lhasa.

Unlike the Dalai Lama who uses "non-violence" to gloss over his
blemishes, TYC has all along turned to violence and resorted to
terrorist activities as its first primary task to attain the Tibet
independence. Kalsang Phuntsok, its former president, once alleged that
they would resort to any means, violence or non-violence, for the sake
of their cause.

Meanwhile, the Dalai Lama's younger brother and follower, Tebdzub
Choegyal, said more bluntly that the maximal effect could be brought
about by terrorist activities at the lowest costs. These open, naked
allegations have enabled us to see that TYC does not have much
difference essentially with al Qaeda and Chechen terrorists militants,
but it could be even worse.

In fact, riots erupted in Lhasa since March 10 and the March 14 serious
incident of violence is precisely a premeditated "masterpiece" of TYC.
Back in late August of 2007, an "Asian Weekly" reporter discovered
during his India visit that the Tibet independent forces, or TYC,
intended to create turbances and schemed to organize guerrilla.

Moreover, they incited Tibetan youths to go in for underground
activities, and spy on railways and water conservancy and power grid
projects in Tibet and numerous barracks of the military area command. On
January 4 and January 25, seven Tibet independence groups held press
conferences in New Delhi, India, giving calls to organize an uprising
inside Tibet and these Tibetan exile groups had announced the creation
of a "Tibetan People's Uprising Movement" and spread the so-called
proposal on the internet.

As the Chinese government could not agree to their unreasonable and
unjustifiable demands, TYC and other groups provoked disputes on March
10, or "the last day" they had set as the deadline, inciting some
Buddhist monks to make disturbances. Again on March 14, they brazenly
created the violent Lhasa incident with a resultant heavy loss of human
lives and property damage.

These seven groups include the Tibet Youth Congress, or TYC, the Tibetan
Women's Association, "Students for a Free Tibet", the "National
Democratic Party of Tibet", the "Tibet Support Network" and the "Tibetan
Writers' Organization".

After the Lhasa riots occurred on March 14, police seized a lot of
offensive weaponry in some Tibetan Buddhist temples or Lamaseries, as a
clear proof to the violent nature of TYC. Among the weapons seized,
according to Ministry of Public Security spokesmen Wu Heping, there were
178 rifles or guns, 13,013 rounds of bullets, 359 knives or swords, and
a lot of explosives, including 3,504 kilograms of dynamite, 19,360
detonators and two hand-grenades. The destructive capabilities of the
above-mentioned weaponry can be said to be "shocking". If such an
organization of violence, which can be said to be much catastrophic than
ben Laden's, is not practicing terrorism, then what else can said to be
a terrorist organization?

On March 15, the following day of the March 14 incident, TYC held a
meeting of its executive members in Dharamsala, India, and unanimously
adopted a resolution on cross-border entry into China to carry out
guerrilla warfare and launch a secret entry into the country though the
Sino-Nepalese border. A TYC ringleader even claimed that they are ready
to sacrifice another 100 Tibetans for their complete victory. This has
once again laid bare the ugly feature of this group of terrorists.

On March 24, the Beijing Olympic sacred fire was set off in Greece with
its 85,000-mile journey starting from ancient Olympia in Greece to
Beijing. On the following day, however, about 50 people ignited a torch
symbolic of "Tibet independence", but regrettably, their torch will
never be the "sacred fire" of the peace-loving people the world over.
And on the contrarily, they will bury themselves ultimately in the sea
of fire at the purgatory they have erected with their own hands.
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