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"Tibetan Youth Congress" is pure terrorist organization

April 12, 2008

People's Daily Online (PRC)
April 10, 2008

The violent incident in Lhasa on March 14 -- including beating,
smashing, looting and arson -- exposed the terrorist nature of "Tibetan
Youth Congress" (TYC) as the direct planner of the riot. The crimes made
the organization look like a kin member of Al-Qaida, Chechnyan armed
terrorists and "East Turkistan" separatists.

Founded in 1970, the TYC advocates "complete independence of Tibet" and
has fully integrated into the "Tibetan government-in-exile", entering
the power core of the Dalai clique. It has long been involved in
secessionist activities.

Speeches by some leading members of the organization and the Dalai
clique revealed they would use terrorism to achieve their goals.

Gaisang Puncog, former chairman of the TYC, said, "We could use any
methods to serve our cause, whether it is violent or non-violent."

Tendzin Choegyal, the Dalai Lama's younger brother and follower, said,
"Terrorist activities could achieve the biggest effect at the lowest cost."

One of the Dalai Lama's most-trusted subordinates said in a speech to
the Brookings Institution in Washington that a few desperate individuals
and organizations could trigger instability on a large scale.

In a meeting of its "central executive committee" in Dharamsala, India,
the TYC approved a decision to "found a guerrilla movement as soon as
possible to secretly enter China and carry out armed struggles.

The organization also made preliminary plans to prepare personnel,
funding and arms to steal into China through the China-Nepal border.
Some ringleaders even claimed that they could sacrifice at least 100
Tibetans to achieve a "thorough victory".

It's not strange for a terrorist organization to plan killing, as the
September 11 terrorist attacks have shown.

In January, the TYC announced it would implement the "Tibetan People's
Uprising Movement" and established an organizing committee with Tsewang
Rinzin, the "TYC president", acting as its top leader. It also ran
several training courses to teach guerilla warfare and bombing technology.

In February, the TYC held campaigns in Dharamsala to recruit
participants for the "Tibetan People's Uprising Movement" and trained
key members for the activity.

What makes the TYC a terrorist organization is not only what it has said
but what it has done. Police in Lhasa seized more than 100 guns, tens of
thousands of bullets, several thousand kilograms of explosives and tens
of thousands of detonators, acting on reports from lamas and ordinary

These figures, in addition to the deaths of more than a dozen ordinary
people in the Lhasa riot, show that the TYC is no different from
Al-Qaida, Chechnyan armed terrorists, "East Turkistan" separatists and
any other terrorist organization.

Under Chinese law, terrorist organizations are those which use violence
to threaten national security, sabotage social stability, harm people
and damage their property, those which have leaders and assigned
missions, and those which have organized, planned, instigated,
implemented or participated in terrorist activities, or are carrying out
such activities.

Such groups also include those having built bases for terrorist
activities, systematically recruited and trained terrorists,
collaborated with international terrorist organizations to sponsor,
train and cultivate terrorists, and have participated in terrorist

Judging by these criteria, the TYC is a terrorist organization in a pure

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