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Free Tibet protesters target Coca-Cola annual meeting

April 17, 2008

by Ed Kemp Marketing
Brand Republic

LONDON - Free Tibet activists plan to gather today outside the annual
shareholders meeting of Olympic sponsor Coca-Cola to protest against the
Olympic Torch Relay passing through Tibet on its way to the Beijing.

Protesters argue that carrying the Olympic Torch through Tibet would be
not only insensitive but could also provoke violence. The protesters
believe that the Torch Relay's three presenting partners, Coca-Cola,
Samsung and Lenovo, hold enough sway with the International Olympic
Committee (IOC) to convince the governing body to reroute the Relay.

Students for a Free Tibet, the US group that led protests earlier this
month in San Francisco, where it hung banners from the Golden Gate
Bridge, will gather outside Coca-Cola's annual shareholders meeting in
Delaware. The protesters will bring 105 Tibetans from New York by bus
for the demonstration, as well as 60 other supporters from around the
world. The demonstration is being orchestrated by exiled Tibetan and
executive director of Students for a Free Tibet, Lhadon Tethong. The
activist is expected to issue a rallying cry to supporters.

A spokesman for Coca-Cola in Atlanta said: 'Coca-Cola doesn't play a
role [in deciding] which cities [the Torch Relay] travels to or have
input in changing its course. That is left to the organising comittee,
Bocog, and the IOC.'

Separately, other activist groups, including the Free Tibet Campaign,
have this week met in Budapest, Hungary, to discuss their strategy
regarding the three sponsors. A spokesman said he also expected pressure
to be applied to Volkswagen, which is supporting the Relay with the
provision of vehicles.
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