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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

China will hold on to Tibet: US security think tank

April 20, 2008

The Times of India
17 Apr 2008

NEW DELHI: China has a fundamental national interest in retaining Tibet
as it is the Communist giant's "anchor" in the Himalayas, a leading US
security think tank has said.

"The Chinese see Tibet as a matter of fundamental national security, and
they view pro-Tibetan agitation in the West as an attempt to strike at
the heart of Chinese national security," the Stratfor said.

"The Chinese are therefore trapped. They are staging the Olympics in
order to demonstrate Chinese cohesion and progress. But they must hold
on to Tibet for national security reasons, and therefore their public
relations strategy is collapsing.

"Neither India nor the US is particularly upset that the Europeans are
thinking about cancelling attendance at various ceremonies," it said.

According to Stratfor, China has a few counter-moves to this pressure
over Tibet.

"While China thus lacks politico-military options to counter the
pressure, it also lacks economic options. It is highly dependent for its
economic well-being on exports to the US and other countries; drawing
money out of US financial markets would require Beijing to put it
somewhere else," it said, adding "that leaves the pressure on Tibet, and
China is struggling to contain it".

But the think tank said China will hold on to Tibet. "The really
interesting question is whether the stresses building up on China's
central administration are beginning to degrade its ability to control
and manage events.

The next step is to watch China trying to pick up the pieces on a series
of administrative miscues. That will give us a sense of the state of
Chinese affairs," it added.
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