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Tibetan Solidarity Committee's Global Movement on Tibet

April 23, 2008

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Dharamshala: On 27 March 2008, Mr Karma Yeshi and Mr Dawa Tsering,
members of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile (TPiE), visited Miao Choephelling
Tibetan Settlement in northeastern State of Arunachal Pradesh to began
the global action of the Tibetan Solidarity Committee.

On 28 March, a meeting was conducted where both the members of the TPiE
briefed the Tibetan people on the current situation inside Tibet and the
formation of Tibetan Solidarity Committee. Local Tibetan Solidarity
committee was formed on the same day in Miao Choepheling settlement.

Dhargyeling Tibetan Settlement, Tezu

On 29 March, both the members reached Tezu Dargyeling Settlement in
Arunachal Pradesh and addressed the public on current situation inside
Tibet and the Tibetan Solidarity Committee.

Peace rally was held in which Tibetan students and few local people have
participated. A minute silence was observed for the death of those brave
Tibetans who sacrificed their lives in the recent peaceful protests in
Tibet. The march covered the whole of town and district offices.

Mr Karma Yeshi, on behalf of all the Tibetans, thanked people and
government of India as well as local people and concerned offices for
supporting Tibetan people for more than four decades and appealed them
to continue their support in future as well.

Peace Rally and Press Conference in Dibrugarh, Assam

On 31 March, Tibetans from Miao, Tezu, Tinsukia and Dibrugrah town took
part in peaceful demonstration at Dibrugarh. A group of local Buddhist
monks and local Nepalese(Nye-shang) also joined the march.

Lekhi Dorjee, settlement officer of Tezu spoke on the importance of
carrying out this peace march. A group of delegation led by two members
of the Tibetan parliament submitted the memorandum to additional deputy
commissioner of Dibrugarh district in the name of prime minister of
India. The additional deputy commissioner read-out the memorandum
addressed to prime minister of India and agreed to submit the original
copy of memorandum to him.

A large number of the representatives of local media and few
representatives of national media like DD-TV, Newsline TV, and PTI and
NE TV were present to cover the event. In the afternoon a press
conference was held where the two members of the Tibetan Parliament
answered media's queries on the current situation inside Tibet.

Tenzingang Tibetan Settlement, Bomdila

On 1 April, the two members of the TPiE visited Tenzingang settlement in
Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh.

Huge banners showing the photos of China's brutal actions on Tibetan
peaceful demonstrators were displayed in Tenzingang and Bomdila.
Representatives of local Monpa people attended the meeting.

Later in the evening, Gaden Rabgyaling Monastery in Arunachal Pradesh
organised a long life puja for the Tibetan people inside Tibet and for
all those Tibetans working for the Tibetan cause as a gesture of Monpas'
solidarity with Tibetan people.

On 3 April, peace rally was organised in Bomdila where more than 400
Tibetans from Tenzingang, Bomdila, Dirang, Rupa, Tenga, Itanagar and
Dahung and monks from Gyuto Tantric monastery joined the rally. A minute
silence was observed to pay homage to the great martyrs of Tibet.

Mr Dawa Tsering in his opening speech underlined that the Tibet struggle
is not only a struggle of Tibetan people but it is a struggle for the
survival of great Himalayan culture and identity.

Delegation of Tibetans and local Monpas led by two members of the
Tibetan Parliament submitted the memorandum to Rinchen Tashi, additional
deputy commissioner of West Kemang district addressed to the Indian
prime minister and chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh. The memonrandum
appealed them to support the cause of Tibetan people and pressure China
to stop repression in Tibet. Mr Tashi agreed to forward both the
memorandum to the respective heads.

Meanwhile, Mr Karma Yeshi addressed the large gathering in Hindi thanked
local administration and Tibetan supporters for showing solidarity with
the Tibetans. He said that time is not far when His Holiness the Dalai
Lama and the Tibetans will return to Tibet through Bomdila route and for
this to happen support from Himalayan communities is essential. He urged
the people of Himalayan region including local Monpas to continue their
support for Tibetans struggle.

Peace rally in Shillong

On 4 April, the two MPs visited the Tibetan community in Shillong and
the local Tibetan Solidarity Committee was convened after meeting with
the people.

On 5 April, under the leadership of Karma Yeshi and Dawa Tsering,
Tibetans in Shillong organised Peace Rally and candle light vigil.

In the afternoon both the members of the Tibetan Parliament briefed the
local media.

On 6 April, the worldwide prayer day was observed to show solidarity
with the Tibetans who have lost their lives during the recent Chinese
crackdown in Tibet.

Tibetans in Northeast India observes "Three-day Peace Procession"

A three-day peace procession was held in Northeast region of the Tibetan
Settlement, starting 8 April 2008 to 10 April 2008 to mark the
completion of one month non-violent protest inside Tibet.

On 8 April, around 500 Tibetans from Tezu, Miao, Kalaltang, Tuting,
Tenzingang, Itanagar, Tawang, Dirang, Rupa, Tenga and Bomdila, Shillong,
Dimapur and Kohima, Tinsukia and Dibrugarh led by two members of the
Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile under Tibetan Solidarity Committee along
with Lhakpa Tsering, representatives of four NGOs gathered in
Dighalipukhri Paar, Guwahati to observe a day-long hunger strike.

People voluntarily shaved their heads to show their solidarity followed
by candle light vigil.

On 9 April, demonstration of mock funeral was conducted symbolizing the
dead people in Tibet. The funeral ceremony began with the Tibetan and
Indian national anthems followed by two minutes silence to pay homage
and respect to the martyrs of Tibet.

On 10 April, demonstration of Skit show depicting China's brutal torture
in Tibet was conducted where the demonstrators began with the slogans
like "Long live His Holiness the Dalai Lama," "China-Lift media Ban in
Tibet," and so on. Many Indian supporters expressed their solidarity
towards the cause of Tibet. Thousand of leaflets in both English and
Assamese were distributed to the local people.


A three-day peace procession in Mumbai

The delegation of Tibetan Solidarity Committee, Gyari Dolma and Serta
Tsultrim Woser reached Mumbai in Maharashtra on 2 April 2008. On 3
April, they attended a meeting with thousands of Indian Buddhist in the

The deputy speaker appealed the gathering for their support over the
cause of Tibet. Ven. Mahathero Rahaul Bodhi expressed the support from
all the Ambedkhariates (Dr. Ambedkhar?s followers) and showed his
gratitude to His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his contribution and
promotion of Buddhism all over the globe.

A three-day programme, including prayer meetings, candlelight vigils and
peace marches were held in Mumbai. Around 2000 Tibetans, including over
1000 Tibetan monks, along with other Indian supporters, friends and
human rights NGOs participated in the programme.

This is the first time where huge of Tibetan monks and lay people ever
held a peace procession in the heart Mumbai. The procession carried on
for 2 hours where vivid images of the recent killings and tortured in
Tibet were displayed with chanting of prayers in the backdrop.

Deputy Speaker Dolma Gyari gave interviews to the media. She spoke about
the aims and objectives of the procession and the present situation
inside Tibet.

On 10 April, candlelight vigil for human rights - "Tibet Needs You" -
was held at Azad Maidan in Mumbai.

The deputy speaker gave a talk on importance and objective of holding
this candlelight vigil. She urged the media and international community
to support human rights in Tibet. The chief guest, Mr. Kelly Dorjee,
actor/model said he is overwhelmed by the courage and hard work of
Tibetan people inside and outside the Tibet. He said he is obliged to be
the part of this event and extend his full support towards the Tibetan

One minute mourning was observed for the people inside the Tibet who
were brutally killed by Chinese. Following the minute silence, wife of
Danny Denzongpa and Mr. Kelly Dorjee lit the first candle of world peace
and marched for over half a mile to show their solidarity and support
for human rights in Tibet.

On 11 April, the prayer session was held where Tibetan Buddhist monks,
Tibetans and supporters joined in the traditional Buddhist prayers for
the martyrs killed during their peaceful demonstrations. Indian
Buddhists, including followers of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar also joined the
procession. Several thousand of monks, nuns and lay people joined the event.

On 12 April, at the holy site of Chaitya Bhumi, Meenatai Ambedkar,
daughter in law of Dr. B. Ambedkar, president of National Buddhist
Society of India and other executive members expressed on behalf of
their society and all the Ambedkariates Buddhists of India, their
solidarity with the Tibetans and the Tibetan cause.

The deputy speaker thanked them for their support and she further
requested for their continue support till the issue of Tibet is resolved.

The three-day program in Mumbai concluded successfully with extensive
media coverage and support from various people on the issue of Tibet.
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