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Chinese, Tibet groups clash at relay

April 25, 2008

The Australian
April 24, 2008

CHINESE students and pro-Tibet groups have clashed at the Olympic torch
relay in Canberra this morning, with police detaining protesters near

Thousands of Chinese supporters and students are already lining the
streets of the capital in what torch organisers believe is a plan to
"take the day”.

Chinese supporters, many dressed in red and waving Chinese flags,
outnumber those who have turned out in support of human rights in Tibet;
many are chanting “One China Forever” and holding banners proclaiming
"say hello to my motherland”.

Police have segregated the groups in the parliamentary triangle, but
have not yet confirmed whether they have formally arrested protesters
this morning or simply moved them along.

Torch relay organiser Ted Quinlan admitted the number of China
supporters had come as a surprise to organisers.

“We didn't expect this reaction from the Chinese community which is
obviously a well-coordinated plan to take the day by weight of numbers,”
he said.

“We have assurances that it will be done peacefully.”
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