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Tibetan protests get musical with pro-Tibet caller tunes

May 5, 2008

Jemima Rohekar
CNN-IBN, India
May 4, 2008

New Delhi: Tibetans have now found a new way of protesting against
Chinese rule in Tibet. This time it's not dharnas or marches, but a tune
in the palm of their hands.

Leading service providers like Vodafone and Airtel are offering
patriotic Tibetan songs as caller tunes. For Tibetans living in Majnu ka
Tila, the refugee colony in North Delhi, these songs couldn't have come
at a better time.

Many Tibetans say that the songs remind them of their movement. They say
it brings them together and they believe that it is good to have songs
in their mother tongue.

The cell phone operators' decision to offer Tibetan songs as caller
tunes come at a time of worldwide protests against Chinese atrocities in
Tibet. Service providers, however, dismiss any link to current events as
mere coincidence.

"With over 50,000 songs on offer, it is very difficult for me to keep
track of what songs are there. We provide what is available and what the
customers want,” says Director Marketing and New Business, Harit Nagpal.

While songs already on the list include rap performed by Tibetans in the
US. Mobile store owners like Kalsan want companies to include pro-Tibet
songs in Hindi to add mass appeal. Along with caller tunes, Tibetan
youngsters are also using SMS and ring tones as tools of reaching more

"In our staff, we have set the Tibetan national anthem as the ring tone.
So these things remind us of our responsibility,” says mobile store
owner, Kalsan Puntsok.

For Tibetans, protesting is not only in the streets. It has now spread
to modern forms of technology like caller tunes on mobiles.
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