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Tibet: Frattini, 27 To Talk with One Voice

May 19, 2008

AGINews (Italy)
May 15, 2008

Lima, May 15 - "The idea of a boycott has faded, in fact it was never
there" said Frattini on Beijing 2008 to journalists who accompany him
to Lima for the EU-South America and Caribbean summit.
"Europe now has the chance to speak in one voice with the French
on-duty EU president" he added, "it depends also on how China behaves
in the meetings with the Dalai Lama: the results of these talks are
very important" to assess the position of the EU. "Let me say however
that now", he concluded "solidarity in the earthquake tragedy has the
precedence: in case of tragedies like this one, I don't want to
accuse anyone".
Frattini supports the approach of the Dalai Lama asking for more
autonomy for Tibet but said in an interview with the "Financial
Times" that he doesn't want to provoke the "Chinese friends" without
need by having a meeting with him. The good relation with Beijing are
no cause for Frattini to change his mind on the weapons embargo on
China, imposed after Tienanmen, saying that it shouldn't be lifted as
suggested by some EU partners.
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