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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

Calgary Tibetan Community Joins Chinese to Raise Funds for Quake Victims

May 21, 2008

By Ben Tsui
May 20, 2008

Despite each other's distinctive political ideals and mistrusts,
Calgary's Tibetan and Chinese communities put aside their differences
in solidarity last Saturday afternoon to help raise funds for the
recent disastrous earthquake victims in Sichuan province, China.

Together, they collected thousands of dollars in rescue funds at
various street corners, malls, businesses and community
establishments. A handful of Tibetan exiles volunteered their time
for this effort at the Chinese Cultural Center and the T&T Pacific
Shopping Center.

According to Tashi Phuntsok, President of Calgary's Tibetan Community
of Alberta (TCA), "As you can see, our two communities can really
work together. We need to clear the "DOUBT" between the Chinese and
Tibetans, and bring peace, harmony and prosperity! "

When Tashi Phuntsok was introduced by event organizer Jim Wang to the
Calgary Chinese Consulate staff and extended a heartfelt handshake to
them, the consulate employees were taken aback for several seconds.
One even was overheard saying to Tashi, "Thank you very much. I never
thought the Tibetans were so open!"

Tashi added, "I hope we can understand each other greater. Then,
perhaps we can soften our differences and basic issues on the Tibetan
situation. Slowly, I hope we may be able to form a Tibetan-Chinese
friendship in the near future!"

Over 100 volunteers participated at "THE POWER OF SONG THE POWER OF
event by singing, selling food items, and operating Red Cross donation boxes.
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