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Beijing May Swamp Tibet with 1m Ethnic Chinese'

May 26, 2008

Press Trust of India
May 24, 2008

LONDON, May 24 -- The Dalai Lama has said China is contemplating to
swamp Tibet with 1 million ethnic Chinese people after the Olympics
in an effort to dilute Tibetan culture and identity.

"We have received information that after the Olympics 1 million
Chinese are going to settle in the autonomous region of Tibet," the
Dalai Lama said in an interview published in the Guardian today. He
said: "there is every danger of Tibet becoming a truly Han Chinese
land and Tibetans becoming an insignificant minority. Then the very
basis of the idea of autonomy becomes meaningless." He said there has
been an increasing influx of Chinese settlers into Tibet in recent
years as transport has improved, but the exact figures are a matter
of dispute. A 2000 census indicated there were 2.4 million Tibetans
in the region and 159,000 Han Chinese who are in majority in Lhasa.
However, China has denied carrying out any deliberate settlement
policy aimed at the dilution of Tibetan culture and points instead to
the benefits brought to the region by economic development and investment.

The 72-year-old monk said, over-settlement and over-exploitation of
Tibet was threatening the quality and flow of rivers flowing out of
the Tibetan highlands, including the Yangtze, the Yellow River, the
Indus, the Mekong and the Ganges. "There has been mining without
proper care, deforestation, irrigation without proper planning," he said.

His remarks comes after a meeting yesterday with the British PM Mr
Gordon Brown at the Lambeth Palace. He said the talks had been
detailed and the PM had been helpful in spite of his "difficulties"
adding that "He met me and he showed genuine concern."
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