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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

The Scheme Against Chinese Tibet

May 28, 2008

Dr Jassim Taqui
Pakistan Observer
May 27, 2008

Beijing --A group of media-persons from SAARC visited Tibet Museum at Beijing. The visit was arranged by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Having spent over an hour seeing various parts of the Museum, one got a very clear message: Historically, Tibet is an integral part of China. And China would never comprise on this strategic region.

However, one felt that the Tibet of China is under threat. Chinese were visibly worried. Tibet has made recently some noise in the Western media. And just before the Beijing 2008 Olympics, the Western media resurrected the so-called Tibet issue and the activities of Dalai Lama.

Close to this region, the NATO forces have entrenched themselves in Afghanistan. The nearby tribal areas of Pakistan is mysteriously destabilized and stuffed with large number of militants and weapons. Suddenly, a news is leaked to the media stating that Osama bin Laden was spotted in K-2 region and that NATO might move in to arrest him. Earlier, the Western media claimed that Osama bin Laden was hiding in mountains that are located in the Chinese territories and moves from it into Pakistani border.

The resurrection of Tibet at this time is mind boggling. Both India and Western powers have concentrated on Tibet to create instability, regionalism and factionalism in China. Ironically, nature has protected this region with the solid wall of the high mountains of the Himalayas. There is no way that any power would penetrate through it. But the danger might be created from within.

By embracing Dalai Lama, India is planning to induce population migration into Tibet. This population migration, could turn Tibet into an extension of India and, over time, become a potential base for Indian power. If that were to happen, India’s strategic frontier would directly touch Sichuan and Yunnan — the Chinese heartland.

In fact India never hides its intention. It is within this period that New Delhi made two tests on China- Specific Agni ballistic missiles that are capable of carrying nuclear weapons and hit all major cities in China.

On the long run, India would create instability in Tibet and Xinjiang to deprive China of strategic territories and to break down the vast buffers between China and the rest of Eurasia. This explains the fact that the Indians are using the Dalai Lama as a puppet and make him move and create media stir whenever the Indians and their Western allies dictate.

In fact, the latest unrest in Tibet is instigated by the Indian government, which uses the Dalai Lama to try to destabilize the Chinese Tibet and open the door to Indian strategic plans.

Most certainly, the Indians are not running the show alone. They have changed ideology following the demise of the Soviet Union. They established China-specific strategic partnership with the United States since 2001.

The trouble in Tibet is being created when the Chinese government is occupied with security issues as the Olympics approach. One should not also dismiss the possibility that the Indians are in fact playing an American secret role similar to the one Washington played in supporting the so-called “color revolution” in former Soviet Union.

The American think-tanks thought that China was without option since Beijing would never venture a move against Taiwan. However, Beijing has already made a political move through strengthening political, economic and military ties with Russia.
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