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March To Tibet Supply Trucks Confiscated: Fear of Food Supply Shortage Imminent

May 30, 2008

By Tenzin Chodon
May 29, 2008

Dharamsala May 29 -- With the authorities confiscating the fourth and
last supply truck carrying the kitchen utilities to make food for the
marchers, there is an imminent fear of food supply shortage. The
police have obstructed the marchers' movement to and from their
campsite 80 km from Almora and are keeping vigilant on anyone
entering the site.

Almost 200kms from the Indo-Tibet border, the marchers are however
determined to continue with their march and have made their decision
clear to the authorities that they would be willing to forego on food
for their resolve in realizing what they set out to achieve.

"In the past months, the March to Tibet has grown into a nonviolent
force of 300 determined marchers and even now many Tibetans are on
the move to join us," said Sherab Woeser, a coordinator of the March
to Tibet. "The Indian authorities are escalating the situation in
their efforts to stop the march, with many hundreds of police
stationed along the road, but the 300 marchers remain committed to
returning to Tibet."

On May 27 an estimated force of 1000 police blocked the camp entrance
and ordered the marchers to turn back or risk being arrested.
Crossing a dry riverbed, the marchers peacefully resorted to a
Gandhian style sit-in. They sang the Tibetan National Anthem and
chanted prayers for an hour before the police retreated and
eventually left the campsite. The same scenario occurred again on May
28. The marchers will continue with their sit-in until the six
leaders are released.

"At a time when Tibetans inside Tibet continue to be detained,
disappeared, tortured and killed for their beliefs it is our
responsibility to tell the world of their suffering and show China
that Tibetans everywhere are determined to regain our freedom," said
Karma Sichoe, a member of the organizing committee who participated
in the 1998 hunger strike that ended in Thupten Ngodup's
self-immolation. "With the Olympics less than three months away, and
Tibetans suffering behind the curtain of silence Chinese leaders have
drawn around Tibet, we are calling on Tibetans everywhere to rise up
and join us."

The heads of the five non governmental organizations organizing the
march along with one march coordinator detained on the 27th of May
were transferred to the police station at Haldwani, Uttaranchal
State. According to latest reports they are being taken away by the
authorities to Dehradun.

Calling on the Indian authorities to allow the march to continue the
marchers have declared that they are "marching in solidarity and
support for our Tibetan brothers and sisters inside Tibet who are
living under a state of siege by Chinese authorities".

According to the authorities they have received orders from the
Central Government to stop the march. However, they still remain
unclear on orders to arrest the marchers.
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