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China's leaders fail to change tune

July 10, 2008

Tibet Custom
July 9 2008

With the run up to the Beijing Olympics China you would think the
Chinese Government would now be welcoming hoards of travellers to
China, would have improved Human Rights for China's citizens and
would have toned down it's megalomaniac tenancies to tear strips of
other world leaders when they do not do what it wants.

However the truth is China has entrenched it's self further into a
corner spitting vitriol at anyone or anything it see's as a threat,
not being able to tell the difference between friends and foes the
Chinese leadership behaves like a paranoid megalomaniac, the view is
further reinforced when Chinese State media or representatives fire
off long diatribes of vitriolic insanity that are so obviously a
million miles from reality that only those blinded by Party loyalty
or some misguided nationalism do not see the insanity of some of
these statements.

Today for instance just as President Sarkosy of France decides to
attend the Olympic Games, China instead of welcoming him, turns
around and "Warns" him not to meet the Dalai Lama, when His Holiness
visits France this year. This is not the action of a sane leadership,
China has almost guaranteed that such a meeting bar any unforeseen
circumstances will take place, the French are the last people who
would be seen to be taking orders from anyone.

Again today China has "Told" the Dalai lama to "Stop causing trouble
over the Olympics" this of course is the same Dalai Lama who has
expressed a wish to attend the Olympics, supported China in it's bid
and who has said "China deserves" the Olympics.

China has also restricted visa's so much that only 10% of the people
who were visiting China last year are actually visiting there now,
hotels remain empty and tourist spots deserted and there is no sign
this will change any time soon, China is in the very real position of
throwing a party and then not allowing anyone to attend least the "Spoil it".

Human Rights have take a nose dive with extreme oppression in TIbet
at the moment, despite the Tibetan people's support for victims of
the recent earthquakes (Many monasteries and groups collected money
for earthquake charities), all minority area's are having increasing
human rights problems in the run up to the Olympics.

The problem for China is that it's leadership have absolutely no
reference to reality, promotion within the party is based on how
loyal you are to the party line, the "Party Line" on so many issues
is so far removed from the reality of the situation on the ground
that this has caused a massive gap in what the party is actually
doing and what it needs to do. It's members are all chirping the
standard stock phrases of the moment while some parts of the country
and regions such as Tibet burn in what can only be described as a
cultural genocide. No one wants to actually say the truth, not least
because they might be arrested but because very few are listening.
This is very bad for Tibet but it is also disastrous for China as a
whole. No country can continue down a road like this for very long
without the whole thing turning into a nasty accident.
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