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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

China's internal party documents expose repressive strategy in Tibet

July 14, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008
By Tenzin Sangmo

New Delhi, July 13 - The April and May installments of the confidential
bulletin Xigang Tongxun (Tibet Communications) which is circulated only
within party officials uncovered that China is embarking on a series of
predetermined political domination in Tibet. Translations of the
original texts were obtained by The Sunday Times in Hong Kong.

Zhang Qingli who was appointed the Party Secretary of Tibet in 2006 is
disclosed to have planned an operation of 're-education' in private
communiqué with other Communist party members.

The March unrest broke out in Lhasa, Tibet after decades of brutal
administration of a regime which has little or no record of human rights
execution. The internal papers rated casualties of Chinese soldiers and
police at 242, with 120 homes and business establishments destroyed in
Lhasa. The Tibetan Government in Exile on its part accounts the loss of
Tibetan lives at 209 with those injured above 1000 and 5,972 behind bars.

Amid China's claims of separatist acts by the Dalai Lama and followers
alike, Zhang acknowledged that there was much 'destruction of social
stability' during the anti-China protest in Tibet.

The head of party line in Tibet, Lie Que was even more overt in his
comments carried by the official Tibet Daily June 2.

"We must clean out the monasteries and strengthen the administrative
committees. After that we will absolutely control them," he said.

Accusing the Tibetan spiritual leader of masterminding the disturbances
that took place Zhang has according to party manuscripts clandestinely said,

"We must learn lessons from this issue and organize our masses to build
up an impregnable fortress against the tide of encirclement to beat our

"But we are far from final victory because the Dalai Lama group, which
was exploited by western enemy forces, is making a new plan for
separatism," he said. "So you, the leaders of work units, must guard
your gates and manage your people well. Let leaders of street committees
be vigilant and keep watch on all outsiders.

"Propaganda and education are our party's greatest advantages. These are
the most useful weapons with which to defend ourselves against the Dalai
Lama group. So let the propaganda department work more actively to
expose its plots."

He is further quoted to have said, "Each department should make full use
of those religious people who love the motherland and love religion, in
order to make the administrative committees work with vigor," implying
that the law enforcement, religious branches and all political divisions
should apply his directives.

China's leaders have earlier blamed the Dalai Lama of plotting 'terror'
in Tibet and conspiring with Uighur nationalists in Xinjiang to escalate
tension in the region in the run up to the Olympic Games.

The Dalai Lama has always maintained that He supported Beijing's hosting
of the Olympic Games but claimed that pro-Tibet demonstrators had a
right to voice their opinion as long as they refrained from violence.

Zhang created much controversy during the Lhasa leg of the Olympic torch
relay prompting the IOC to reprimand him when he said, "Tibet's sky will
never change and the red flag with five stars will forever flutter high
above it. We will certainly be able to totally smash the splittist
schemes of the Dalai Lama clique." The remark made by Zhang was seen by
many as politicizing the Games and a gross display of control over Tibet
which was once an independent nation.

China's great will to tighten its grip of control and authority over
Tibet in the coming days with mass restriction implied on practicing
one's religion and exercising basic rights of speech and movement will
cause Tibetan minorities to suffer depriving them further of their
dignity and morality. Party leaders are in no doubt that their crusade
against Tibetans will succeed; for them it is yet another feather in
their unscrupulous caps.
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