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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Tibetan People's Mass Movement: Second Phase

July 23, 2008

Tibetan People's Mass Movement
July 21, 2008

No in Olympics China until Tibet is Independent

To protest against the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the continuing
colonial occupation of Tibet by China, Tibetan Youth Congress will
launch an "Indefinite Fast for Tibet - without Food and Water" on
28th July, 2008 at New Delhi as part of the Tibetan People's Mass
Movement. TYC will also organize many other campaigns throughout the
Olympics. Over 25,000 Tibetans from all over the world gathered on
08th August, 2007 in New Delhi to support the demands laid down by
the 14 Tibetans who were on an 'Indefinite Hunger Strike unto death'
for 33 days. TYC passed resolutions during its General Body Meeting
in September 2007 at Dharamshala and Annual Working Committee Meeting
in July 2008 at Manali to carry out the second phase of "Tibetan
People's Mass Movement" before Beijing Olympic Games.


* Immediate end to the brutal suppression of Tibetans inside Tibet
and unconditional release of all the Tibetan political prisoners.

* Convincing evidence to prove the well-being and whereabouts of His
Holiness the Gedun Choekyi Nyima (the 11th Panchen Lama of Tibet).

* Allow independent and neutral international fact finding
delegation, media and humanitarian organizations to assess the
current situation inside Tibet.

* Immediate end to dumping of nuclear and toxic waste in Tibet and
stop plundering of Tibet's natural resources.

* Immediately end the demographic aggression of Chinese settlers into Tibet.

We appeal:

* To all world leaders to boycott the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics

* To all athletes to return Beijing's blood stained medals and podium
protest to show your solidarity with the Tibetans.

* To seek a meeting with the IOC President or his representatives to
update the IOC on the current grim situation inside Tibet.

* International community to Boycott Beijing 2008 Olympics.

The recent pro -- independence demonstrations in Tibet will go down
in history as yet another example of man's indomitable spirit in
fighting against tyranny and oppression. The unanimous call for "Long
Live the Dalai Lama", "Independence for Tibet" and "Release Panchen
Lama" from Tibetans inside Tibet in all the three traditional
provinces of Tibet are the true aspirations of the six million
Tibetans. Their courageous defiance against the colonial Chinese
regime by shedding their blood brought to fore the deeply held
resentment Tibetans feel against the repressive and discriminating
policies of the Chinese Communist Party since 1949.

Olympics are a symbol of freedom and peace, an international event
where friendship and brotherhood is celebrated. It is a tradition
that brings the world under a single umbrella embodying peace and
harmony through sport. But the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
went against its ideals and made the biggest blunder by awarding this
prestigious event to the illegal Communist Chinese regime that is
responsible for the killings of over one million Tibetans, the
illegal Communist Chinese regime that has razed over 6000 Tibetan
monasteries to the ground, the illegal Communist Chinese regime that
has flooded Tibet with Chinese reducing Tibetans to an insignificant
minority in our own country.

With the start of "Indefinite Fast for Tibet - without Food and
Water" in New Delhi, all regional chapters of TYC will organize
campaign against Beijing Olympics in their respective regions
throughout the world. TYC will begin Tibetan People's Mass
demonstration on 07th August, 2008, based on the principles of
nonviolence and Gandhi's tradition of "satyagraha" (insistence on truth).

The Chinese people deserve to host the Olympic Games but what the
Tibetans and the Chinese people deserve more now is freedom; freedom
of speech, of religion, of association, of equal opportunity, of
electing their own government, of feeling safe in their own homes.
The day might not be far when Tibet will again be an independent
nation and the Chinese people would be free from the inhuman
communist regime, only then it will be the right time for Beijing to
host the prestigious Olympic Games. But not now. Not while the
butchers of 1.2 million Tibetans remain in power. Not while the
communist butchers of 70 million Chinese remain in power.

We request responsible citizens and governments worldwide to stand up
against China's appalling human rights record in Tibet and boycott
Beijing Olympics. We request all freedom loving people of the free
world to raise your voice for the freedom of the peace loving Tibetan
people and help us restore our lost Independence.

Issued by: The Office of Central Executive Committee, Tibetan Youth Congress
CTC National Office 1425 René-Lévesque Blvd West, 3rd Floor, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H3G 1T7
T: (514) 487-0665
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