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In Beijing, a cop for every 5 visitors

July 25, 2008

Saibal Dasgupta,TNN
Times of India
July 24, 2008,

BEIJING -- There will be one policeman or armyman for every five
visitors during the Olympic Games in Beijing. The tight security
apart, Chinese authorities have decided to allow political activists
to let off steam by designating certain public parks far from the
Games venue for the purpose of demonstrations.

Liu Shaowu, director of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the
Olympic Games security department, said BOCOG has taken note of
dissatisfaction in certain circles who feel too much security can
kill the joy of the Games.

"Olympic Games is a large-scale sports event that we've never
experienced. With huge number of people coming to China,
international terrorist forces are seeking chances. Therefore, we
have to intensify the security efforts," he said.

"We've noticed certain complaints. We'll pay attention and try our
best to make the Games safe and peaceful," Liu said.

Chinese authorities have been worried that some of the athletes and a
lot of the visitors might use the opportunity to attract world
attention by protesting over issues like Tibet and human rights.
Nearly 110,000 personnel, including policemen, army troops and
volunteers, will be deployed to ensure security. All the necessary
security equipment and personnel are all in place, he said.

Flights will also be halted at the Beijing airport during the opening
ceremony time on August 8.
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