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US lawmakers Calls on China to end rights abuse in Tibet

July 25, 2008

July 24, 2008

Washington, July 24 -- A resolution was introduced in the US House of
Representatives Wednesday that called on China "to immediately end
abuses of the human rights and cease repression of Tibetan and Uighur
citizens, and to end its support for the governments of Sudan and
Burma (Myanmar)," Associated Press reported.

The resolution, proposed by Howard Berman, the Democratic head of the
House of Representatives' foreign affairs committee, is to be
discussed and possibly voted on Thursday before it is sent to the House floor.

It asked China to end human rights abuses and its support for tainted
governments in Sudan and Myanmar in line with "Olympic traditions of
freedom and openness".

This, it added, was "to ensure that the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
take place in an atmosphere that honors the Olympic traditions of
freedom and openness."

The 12-point resolution also called on President George W. Bush, who
is to attend the games opening ceremony, to make a "strong public
statement" in Beijing on China's human rights situation and meet with
families of jailed "prisoners of conscience."

Bush was also asked to seek to visit the troubled Tibet and Xinjiang
regions while in China to attend the games.

The resolution also sought direct talks between Beijing and His
Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tibet's spiritual leader.

Hopes that Beijing would polish up its human rights record in the run
up to the Games have been "short-lived," Berman said during a House
hearing yesterday entitled "China on the Eve of the Olympics.
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