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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."

"Eye on Tibet" Documentary Series to aired on LinkTV

August 6, 2008

August 4, 2008

With the Olympic Games nearly underway in Beijing, China's
questionable human rights record and the long-standing dispute in
Tibet are threatening to overshadow an event that is no stranger to
political controversy. Tibet was most recently in the headlines
during the international protests against the Olympic torch run, and
following China's crackdown on protestors in Lhasa and other Tibetan
cities. Some international organizations, such as the European
Parliament, are keeping pressure on China to address its human rights
abuses despite its position as host of the Games. However, most other
world leaders are going about business as usual, with no plans for a
major boycott of the world's greatest athletic competition.

During the Olympics, Link TV plans to keep one eye on Tibet,
presenting documentaries that illuminate the region and its
controversy. You are invited to exercise your mind - away from the
medal chase - by learning more about this beautiful, intensely
spiritual, and highly-contested mountainous region dubbed "the roof
of the world".  Link is proud to present the U.S. television
premieres of three programs offering a range of perspectives about
Tibet: A Year in Tibet, a 5-part BBC series about life in Tibet
today; Tibet: Beyond Fear, a film documenting the history of Tibet
and the genocide perpetrated by China; and Dreaming of Tibet, which
explores the large Tibetan-in-exile community that flourishes outside of Tibet.

* * * * *
"A Year in Tibet"
Produced by Peter Firstbrook
Released by BBC4 Series: ©2008

This intimate five part documentary series follows a year in the life
of the society living in and around Gyantse, Tibet's third largest town.

This film is airing as part of our series Eye on Tibet.

1. The Visit: The Panchen Lama, the highest ranking Buddhist living
in Tibet today, pays an unexpected visit to the local monastery and
throws the monks into turmoil. In the nearby village of Tangmai, a
young farmer's wife is rushed into hospital with complications with
her pregnancy.

2. Three Husbands and a Wedding: It's autumn and everyone is pulling
together to get in the harvest, as Dundan worries about hailstones
flattening his crops. The local government has installed guns to
disperse the clouds and this has put the shaman Tseden, who used to
protect the fields with spells, out of a job. Tseden is also helping
a local family to arrange their daughter's wedding.

3. Faith, Hope and Charity: The monks begin preparations for New
Year, one of Tibet's biggest festivals. Lhakpa, a local rickshaw
driver, struggles to earn money as winter approaches. He embarks on a
scheme to buy and sell puppies, with disastrous consequences. Hotel
owner Jianzang gets involved in a court case which has a surprising
outcome. In Tangmai, the doctor cannot cure Lhamo's crippling stomach pains.

4. Monks Behaving Badly: In the Pel Kor monastery, the director
Choephel discovers that some irreplaceable statues have been stolen
and the theft gives the local Communist Party an excuse to put in a
government 'work team' to weed out monks they think are behaving
badly. Lhakpa heads north in search of a lucrative job on a building
site, and Butri gets an unpleasant surprise as she approaches her retirement.

5. A Tale of Three Monks: Deputy head lama Tsultrim has to juggle
running the monastery whilst complying with a myriad of government
restrictions. Young monk Tsephun lives and works with his master
Dondrup, a curmudgeonly old lama. Tsephun helps his master with the
day-to-day jobs of cleaning and tidying; in return, Dondrup teaches
Tsephun the sutras and scriptures, an essential part of becoming a monk.

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* * * * *
"Tibet: Beyond Fear"
Directed by Michael Perlman
Released by ©2008

With opening words by Richard Gere, this film documents the
remarkable courage of Nawang, a 13-year-old Buddhist Nun and Bagdro,
a 20-year-old Buddhist monk who lead freedom demonstrations against
the Chinese occupation of Tibet. Following a brutal military
crackdown, they're arrested and endure horrific torture until a
global movement spearheaded by Amnesty International and
International Campaign for Tibet culminates in their release. Through
the power of a positive mind and inspired by the Dalai Lama, Bagdro
and Nawang forgive their former torturers as they find a way beyond fear.

This film was made possible with generous support from the Tibetan
community including: International Campaign for Tibet, Students For
Free Tibet,Tibet Information Network, The Tibet House, Office of
Tibet, the Rubin Museum For Himalayan Art, Amnesty International and
Home Planet Productions.

"Tibet: Beyond Fear" documents the history of Tibet, genocide
perpetrated by China, Tibet protests and how each individual can help
free Tibet.

Awards 2008:
* Best Feature Documentary - European Spiritual Film Festival
* World Fest Remi Award

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* * * * *
"Dreaming of Tibet"
Directed by Will Parrinello
Released by Bullfrog Films: ©2006

In isolated communities around the world, particularly in India,
Nepal and the United States, Tibetan exiles have created a 'virtual
Tibet,' where they have endured and even flourished in the face of
overwhelming adversity. Dreaming of Tibet follows their arduous
journeys from Tibet into exile over a 19,000 foot Himalayan pass.
It's a flight that the Dalal Lama took in 1958 and over 150,000 of
his followers have taken since then. Most have only minimal clothing
and meager provisions to make the life-threatening trek. Many die
along the way.

This intimate documentary is about the resilience of the human spirit
under the most dire circumstances. The film looks at the lives of
three extraordinary Tibetan exiles who have survived in exile and are
deeply involved in working for the future of their culture. They are,
in short, Ms. Tseten Phanucharas, a political activist, who is one of
the Dalai Lama's press coordinators in Los Angeles; Ms. Tsering
Lhamo, a nurse working with recent refugees in Kathmandu, Nepal; and
Mr. Ngawang Ugyen, a monk in the Mt. Everest foothills.

Dreaming of Tibet captures the difficult challenges they each face
and conveys the sense of hope they bring to their day-to-day lives in
spite of great hardship and loss. Dreaming of Tibet features His
Holiness the Dalai Lama, and author/climber Jon Krakauer, with
appearances by actors Richard Gere and Goldie Hawn.

CINE Golden Eagle
Audience Award, Amnesty International Film Festival
Honorable Mention, Columbus International Film & Video Festival
Mill Valley Film Festival
Barcelona International Festival of Human Rights

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