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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

Tibetan-American Detained in Beijing, Deported to United States

August 11, 2008

Students for a Free Tibet
August 08, 2008

Beijing, August 7 -- A 25-year-old Tibetan-American woman was
detained in Beijing Airport yesterday at 9:35pm Beijing Standard Time
on Wednesday, August 6. Chime Dolkar, a Tibetan exile and current
resident of Minnesota, boarded a Northwest flight to Beijing with
plans to speak out for Tibetan freedom and challenge the Chinese
government to live up to its Olympic promises. But she was detained
when she arrived at the airport, interrogated for 12 hours, and
eventually deported to the United States. As she was being deported,
Dolkar spoke out in support of Tibetan freedom, shouting, "Tibet will be free."

"I feel I must go to Beijing to be a voice for my people because at
the Chinese government has invited the world to the Olympics they are
ruthlessly crushing Tibetans in the harshest crackdown that we have
seen in decades," said Dolkar as she was leaving New York's John F.
Kennedy airport Tuesday afternoon.

One of the very few Tibetans actually granted a China visa at this
sensitive time, Dolkar wanted to use her freedom as an American to
promote the freedom of her beleaguered countrymen in Tibet. Dolkar's
visa was revoked days before her departure, but she was determined to
try to speak up about Tibet in China, and decided to go ahead with
her trip as planned.

"The Chinese government has ruthlessly suppressed even the mildest
form of peaceful dissent by Tibetans in Tibet and China in the run-up
to the Games, and has barred Tibetan exiles like Chime Dolkar from
speaking up in China for freedom and human rights in Tibet," said
Tenzin Dorjee, deputy director of Students for a Free Tibet. "As the
Olympics draw near and criticism of the Chinese leadership's brutal
rule in Tibet grows, the efforts of the Chinese authorities to quash
all critics is also intensifying."

Chinese authorities had detained and exiled another Tibetan woman and
her two American-born babies on July 18. In this case, Kemo, who
holds a Chinese passport, was detained for four hours before being
exiled and told never to enter China. The reason for her exile was
that she had joined pro-Tibet demonstrations in San Francisco and
Portland and attended a public talk by the Dalai Lama in Seattle; the
Chinese officers brought internet print-outs showing Kemo at these
events. Officers then forced her children away from her, kicking her
and slapping her one-and-half-year-old son Khawa Tsering Kemo.

Born and raised in India, Chime Dolkar immigrated to the United
States at age 12 and attended high school in Minnesota, where she
became class president and Homecoming Queen. At St. Cloud University,
she was the vice president of the local chapter of Students for a
Free Tibet. She currently serves as the vice-president of the
Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of Minnesota.

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