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Relatives of Tibetan Filmmaker arrested by China

August 14, 2008

US Tibet Committee
August 11, 2008

Wife and brother of in Tibet arrested Filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen
appeal to the IOC and the Chinese government

Lhamo Tso (35) and Dorjee Wangchen (31), the wife and the brother of
detained Tibetan activist and filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen (37),
appealed to the IOC and the Chinese government to release the Tibetan

Wangchen was arrested by Chinese authorities on March 26, soon after
completing filming of the documentary film Leaving Fear Behind.  The
film documents Tibetan views from inside Tibet on the XXIX Olympic
Games in Beijing, the current situation in Tibet and the Dalai Lama's
return to Tibet.

"Dhondup Wangchen spent most of his time helping the needy and
serving the community.  He's a very good husband and also a good
father to our four children. I appeal to theChinese Government to
release Dhondup.  I urge the IOC to use their influence on China so
that the host of the Olympic Game remains true to its promises of
freedom of expression to the people", said his wife Lhamo Tso, who
escaped from Tibet with other family members to India in 2007.

"What he has done is a very courageous act", said Dhondup Wangchen's
brother Dorjee Wangchen.  "We had been in a great dilemma as the
screening of this film may lead to my brother and his friend Golog
Jigme being put behind Chinese bars for many years.  But after
watching the film and seeing my brother's strong determination, we
had no choice but to show to the world the real feelings of Tibetans
inside Tibet.  I especially appeal to Tibetans to work for the
release of my brother and his friend."

The pseudonym that Dhondup Wangchen worked under during the course of
filming, Jigme, means "fearless" in Tibetan.  His courage, along with
the courage of all those associatedwith this project, inspired the
film's name Jigdrel, which translates to the film's English title,
Leaving Fear Behind.

Both Dhondup Wangchen and Golog Jigme remain in detention as of
today.  Dhondup Wangchen was last seen in detention in Guangsheng
Binguan in Xining (Qinghai province) and GologJigme, in a detention
center in the town of Lingxia (Gansu province).

Their video tapes were sent to Switzerland where the footage was
compiled by Gyaljong Tsetrin, Wangchen's cousin, who escaped from
Tibet in 2002.  Tsetrin founded Filming For Tibet to produce his
cousin's film.

The final cut of Leaving Fear Behind was screened to international
press in Beijing on August 6th 2008.  The public screening in a
Beijing hotel was disrupted by plain-clothed Public Security Bureau
agents, who pressured hotel management to stop the screening.  There
were later reports that the hotel was shut down.

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