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Pro-Tibet activists target CCTV headquarters

August 17, 2008

By Roger Blitz in Beijing
The Financial Times (UK)
August 15 2008

Protests for Tibetan independence are "unwelcome and unacceptable" in
China and the media should not be encouraging them, Beijing's top
Olympic official said following another staged protest in the Chinese capital.

Wang Wei, executive director of the Beijing organising committee,
told journalists they should refrain from raising political issues,
saying the Olympic Games were about sport and spectating.

But he added: "Everybody in China knows Tibet is an inalienable part
of China. A small number of people tried to split the territory and
that is not going to work at all."

Campaigners this morning were arrested after climbing up the China
Central Television headquarters in Beijing and draped a banner that
read "Free Tibet" in Chinese and English.

According to Students for a Free Tibet, Philip Kirk from England and
Nicole Rycroft, an Australian-Canadian, were detained along with
three Americans who were assisting them.

The protest follows the arrest and deportation earlier this week of
two UK campaigners who unfurled a Tibetan independence banner at the
Ethnic Culture Park, a Beijing landmark.

Mr Wang said most of the people involved in these demonstrations were
not from China. "I conclude that they don't know about the situation.
I don't think the media should encourage these protests and
behaviour," he said.

Mr Wang yesterday mounted an unusually passionate defence of China's
approach towards protests, saying the country could not be allowed to
descend into "chaos," and accusing western journalists of going out
of their way to be critical of the country.
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