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Ken Livingston - The Paragon of our Age? - Speaks out on China & Tibet

August 22, 2008

Custom Tibet (UK)
August 19, 2008

Ken Livingston has spoken and we at Tibet Custom have heard, well
some of us are certainly listening Ken....well.... just me actually.

While the UN and Human Rights groups tell us, Tibet is locked down
like an open Prison (We have films of it here & here on Tibet Custom)
and  hundreds of millions of ordinary Chinese suffer under in poverty
and grinding environmental pollution, Ken it seems asks us to see
things another way.

On Human Rights Ken say's China is making the "right progress and
making it their own way". He also asks us to draw a line under History.

Some of us here think Ken can show us the way, remove the cataracts
from our eyes so that we can see the truth, yes in Ken's world there
are no real human rights issues, after all Tiananmen Square in 1989
where 5,000 people were blown to pieces and the Chinese army spent
two weeks scraping the bits of the walls and ground was according to
Ken no more than an equivilent to our poll tax riots, where someone
in our office unhelpfully mentioned that no one was killed by the
British state.

I think Ken is great, I mean this is amazing when the UN Committee on
Torture gave a strict memorandum to the Chinese only last week to
explain the whereabouts of 5,000 people who have been arrested in
Tibet after the March Uprising and to explain where the Panchen Lama
is, who was arrested at just SIX YEARS OLD. No one has seen or heard
from him or his family since, this is not history, this is now or so
I thought until I heard the voice of Ken.

What is amazing is that Ken does not see this, we have it all wrong you see...

We need to send Ken to Darfur he can proclaim the genocide there non
existent and will be able to explain that all the Chinese military
hardware there is just for humanitarian reasons. What else ?? Maybe
Ken could go to Iraq and declare that there is peace there as well,
Afganistan maybe.

Well that's what I think, I think Ken can lead us out of ignorance
and on to the promised land.

However some of my fellow editors here disagree they say Ken is
barking mad, that he has exchanged Trotskyism for Fascism, or was it
Fascism for Trotskyism anyway they are saying I am wrong. They point
to Ken's friends, Hugo Chavez who tried to make himself president for
life and other such figures.

They say Ken has swapped left wing politics for a love of
Totalitarian Dictatorships.

Well I told them, I said "look you lot, come the revolution you lot
will be the first up against the wall", apart from those who support
me of course who will get nice big houses good jobs and lots of money.

Funny thing is they just gave me the sack.

[WTN Editor's Note: Kenneth Robert Livingstone is a British socialist
politician and former 1st Mayor of London, UK]
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